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What you like to see in the new Ops

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.08.2013 , 09:48 AM | #41
Quote: Originally Posted by Caeduz View Post
What could be a solution are that the bosses are not arrange sequentially but as a selection where the group can decide which boss to tackle first as this would remove some Luck/randomness and those less equip/prepare can also attempt the first couple of bosses with a clear aim to progress/achieve while the "raiders" can sink their teeth into something tougher as well.
You could have a set up where you have to kill all the first tier bosses in order to unlock the big main boss.
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01.08.2013 , 10:40 AM | #42
Three items I would suggest to spice up OPS:
  • Four man Mini-OPS - L2/L3 like HM LI with BETTER LOOT being dropped. I'm thinking Rakata Geared+ and you can take four good players into and walk out with say the final boss drops DREAD GLOVES or Hazmat Implant every time. (Lock it to ONCE per week ability to run this in order to prevent farming). I'd suggest something harder than the current Heroic 4 in Section X - Expanded to include another 2-3 bosses.
  • Ability to "OPT OUT" of resetting certain weekly OPS progress. IE: The group could "SAVE" the progress longer than a week and continue at the same point in time as stopped. Only way to do this would be the reset only happens when you pickup a quest maybe at the terminal. This helps those guilds trying to down all the content to finish all the content (But lose out on repeating the first few bosses each week). Using the same approach today that you have to acknowledge the group is further along... (you know..).
  • Speeder Stations! For example: Have an console in front of Kephes doors that once clicked takes the speeder to that location. (Add a nasty scanning droid to prevent a steathy from sneaking all the way to the item and skipping content. Option B would be to drop KEYS on trash to unlock that console and not have to clear trash again if you are required to RESET the phase - something that is really messed up when the game is glitched and required to do.)
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01.08.2013 , 11:23 AM | #43
I want to add my vote for the puzzle ideas: It would be nice to have a puzzle, where the solution is different every time. On top of my head I have the idea of some kind of maze, which looks different every time. (Of course one has to make it so that there always is a way throught) Some players would have to enter the maze and explore it step by step, while one or two players would have to stay outside and use some controls to transform certain parts of it to open up the way. (similar to the minefield in EC but you need the players inside to explore the area so the players outside the maze can see where they can open a way.)

Another thing I would like to see are situations where the group has to split up into smaller groups that have to complete a certain part of the OP on their own (loot will be found at the point where the meet again), while the successes of each group ease the encounters of the other groups. Again an example: Some players have to stay behind and slow down some enemy that cannot be defeated in the ordinary way (this would probably turn out to be a Tank+Heal duo), while the rest has to go ahead and activate some machine/weapon that will weaken/destroy the otherwise invincible enemy.
This goes into a similar direction as the 1vs1 encounters mentioned already (which I would like to see as well), but also smaller groups that complete smaller tasks of a bigger fight can feel very epic.

Please note that the examples above are far from completely thought through, but they demonstrate the direction I would like to see.

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01.08.2013 , 08:41 PM | #44
Bring back instant speeder rides within operations... Seeing the same exact scenery in EC over and over again is very annoying... And the run back tied to that is tedious.
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01.09.2013 , 04:01 AM | #45
The trash in TFB is perfect imo keep it that way.

I would love to see more bosses in an ops as asked before, but one little change. The people can choose the order of killing the bosses in their own order. Except for the first and the last boss.

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01.09.2013 , 04:16 AM | #46
I posted this on another thread a while ago and I guess this is the right place for it:

I would love to see a boss encounter similar to that of Kaon Under Siege turret boss.

Basic idea would be the same (no turrets), mechanics following:

1. You are defending a hill top, or a camp of republic/imperial fighters.

2. Location is under attack by random npcs, from huge waves of weak enemies to strong ones.

3. NPCs waves would be random, so you wouldn't know what comes next.

4. Instead of players sitting on turrets, you'd defend npcs sitting on those, for an example.

5. Attacks could come from any direction, sometimes from two directions at once (still random).

Idea behind this is to request team to play together with high sense of awarness and to add surprise to the encounter. The fight could be extremely easy or really hard (RNG), but rarely the same. This would make it something to look forward to. Be the waves of enemies spices with minibosses, walkers or sith, tanks or aircarriers.

Make it feel like a brutal war!

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01.09.2013 , 06:26 AM | #47
Longer fights, 10min + would be a nice change, last boss in TFB as well as Kephess are awesome in that regard, I enjoy long fights were every mistake might cause a wipe.
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01.09.2013 , 06:28 AM | #48
something with sand people or at least a krayt dragon boss
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01.09.2013 , 08:53 AM | #49
Quote: Originally Posted by theblaznee View Post
A "hub and spoke" raid of 6-10 bosses.. Minimal but challenging trash leading to 2-4 bossfights pr. "spoke".

Crafting encounters.

More fights requiring awareness and class abilities instead of hard dps checks and simple tank swaps.
why not just say i want Naxx? :P

but anyway i agree, maybe a operation that involves assaulting a fleet station which is alrdy round they just need to adjust it slightly.

Edit: upon thinking a bit about it i feel i should put a bit more down.

so basically the operation is centred around attacking a fleet station. upon docking you get trash etc and a boss, once he down you have access to the central area of the fleet, you come up in the middle somewhere around where the entrance to the lounge is or something, from there you have 4 different ways to go for 4 different bosses.

all 4 bosses must go down before you can advance.

each section of the fleet has its own boss, ie, a boss at the pve section, crew skill, GTN, and PvP area.

ive only had 1 idea for one of these bosses so far and that would be the PvP one, make it a type of pvp fight, various classes and specs of enemy say 8 of em and you have to take em down, but not like in EV where its 1 on 1, must be 8 V's 8.

anyway, once these 4 are down you can access the elevator for the fleet lounge, maybe another boss in here, then you head to the Bridge for the last boss and capture of the fleet station.
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01.09.2013 , 09:44 AM | #50
1) Removal of Enrage Timers / Improved Mechanics

Virtually all bosses in this game boil down to tank, spank and avoid the AoE. We're getting more tank swop mechanics and a few more bosses with adds but essentially the mechanics of bosses in this game are extremely easy, the hard part is playing your class well enough to heal through the damage and beat the enrage timers.

Whilst I appreciate the desire for people to be able to play their class well, once you have achieved this ability it basically trivialises the entire game. I would rather ditch this requirement and increase the mechanical difficulty of bosses so that even if you have the best DPS on the server, you can still die if you fail to avoid an attack or dont move at the right time etc. I would hope this would open up different class combinations for more bosses, increase the accessibility of bosses whilst making the learning curve for each boss longer whilst farming the bosses would remain as easy as it is now.

For reference, I came from LOTRO which at the time had 0 enrage timers but most bosses were harder than here.

2) Star Wars Theme

This is a fecking star wars game! Where is the Star Wars in Operations??!?! My one and only Star Wars moment in a raid is Kephess: he has the walker (AT-ST) and we get to grapple up to it (Hoth). The flashpoints deal with having your small-group iconic moments and one-on-one-esque moments like the films (false emporer is great for star wars feel). So what happened in ops? Also, where are my epic battles?!?! The films and books are full of epic, large scale battles where everyine contributes and sacrifices but heroes rise up to help win the day. That doesn't happen in game, anywhere, and it's a real shame.

3) Raid Layout

Linear is old fashoined, wings / spokes are the current best philosophy. Enter the raid and get a choice of what to tackle first. Sure, gate the final big boss behind the others, but let us choose the order in which we do the previous ones. For a good example, check out Ost Dunhoth from LOTRO. That raid had 6 bosses (disease, poison, wound, fire, shadow and final boss). It was split in to 3 wings of two bosses each. You could choose which wing to tackle first, fully clearing two wings opened up the third wing with the final boss in it. In addition, the raid only had 9 trash pulls in total iirc, each one was actually challenging and required tactics of their own.

4) Horizontal Gear Progression with a Purpose

Tiered progression invalidates old content and thus should *never* be done again. I hope you learnt your lesson from the original launch and the lack of people doing flashpoints. Change to proper horizontal gear progression. At max level, we should have multiple sets of armour, all with different stat distributions and different set bonuses which are useful in different situations to encourage us to collect them all. Potentially remove modding like we have now so that there is a clear advantage and disadvantage to different sets. For example, one set for shadow dps might reduce incoming damage by 10% but have virtually no power on it, so it'd be a great set for bosses with loads of AoE but bad for standard tank and spank DPS races. however, the player would be able to choose which set to use based on the fight itself and their group makeup.

I know Jeff hickman mentioned in his podcast that they were gonna move towards horizontal gear progression with Makeb but tbh I dont trust him, he's ruined too many games already so it's worth restating the purpose of horizontal gear progression here.

5) Rare Loot Drops

All future instances should have rare (5-10%) loot drops for endgame BiS / comparable incomparables. This is to keep people coming back to old / outdated instances in the hopes of getting that rare item, reward people who stick with the content, offer an incentive for people to help out others in old instances etc. these items should have stat distributions that are truely unique.

For example, if a standard item has 300 points, e.g. an implant with 80 end, 120 willpower, 100 power (roughly distributed), then have a rare implant drop which has 20 end and 280 willpower. Such a drop has the potential to increase someone's DPS significantly so it would be highly desired but it comes at the cost of survivability. An instance farmer who collects all of these items might end up with 3000dps but only 10k hp resulting in lots of deaths.

Such items would offer us much more customising and choice for our characters, incentive for repetition and really introduce a proper meta game with regards to gear, rather than what we currently have which is accepted BiS gear with no alternatives, i.e. boring!

I like the quality of life stuff that other people have mentioned (instant speeders, respawns inside, less trash etc) so I support those endorsements too, however I'd rather see better bosses fights and better mechanics and gear progression so that the raids stay fun for longer.
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