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[Underworld Trading] Metal and Fabric

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[Underworld Trading] Metal and Fabric

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01.02.2013 , 02:27 PM | #1
I was wondering if others have noticed this of recent or if I just did not pay attention before, but of recent as I work really hard on my various crew skills and balancing them across my various toons I have noticed the following two objects.

1. With my Republic Toons I seem to get more Fabric missions than Metal Missions and with those (both Fabric and Metal) it is not the Bounitful, but the Rich as implied in this thread that should be that are granting the purple resource, but it also appears that they are not paying as often as before. But with my Imperial I am seeing the opposite and more Metal Missions than Fabric.

Are others seeing the same?

2. With my Rebel that can craft Synthweaver and need Underworld Fabric even considering the above I am getting and noticing that I am getting more Metal Missions, but with my others that craft either Armormech or Cybertech I am you do not get many of those missions metal missions.

So your input?
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