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Star Wars: The Old Republic State of the Game #2

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Star Wars: The Old Republic State of the Game #2
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Alavastre's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 07:39 AM | #291
I'm glad to hear about Ilum. I'm not a huge PVPer, but I do enjoy it, but it's bad to let an entire planet just waste away. Glad they are going to mess around with it. I have to agree, game is more fun now, and I'm hoping the HC is fun when it's finally released.
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MariaD's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 07:54 AM | #292
Good update overall. I assume they are talking about rewards for World PvP that encourage small skirmishes and one-on-one fighting. But we'll see.

SGR: so BW is saving some money by removing the gender variable from the expansion. Before, they had to develop two different NPCs for two genders of player characters to have their romances. Now they only need one. And, they are getting free publicity out of it, so curious people will be inclined to check it out. Smart business move, I say.
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01.03.2013 , 07:57 AM | #293
Quote: Originally Posted by MariaD View Post
SGR: so BW is saving some money by removing the gender variable from the expansion. Before, they had to develop two different NPCs for two genders of player characters to have their romances. Now they only need one.
Only if they want to enrage the heterosexuals for a change. Just saying.

This is the company that used the Canadian flag for the English language choice though, so we'll have to see about that

Galbatorrix's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 07:58 AM | #294
Quote: Originally Posted by fungihoujo View Post
I gotta say- it's pretty hilarious how many people are freaking out over SGR- because a few lines of dialogue and a couple flirt options with NPCs I'm sure is going to cost the company millions to implement.

It's not a big thing to add compared to pvp true- but it's also not something that's going to take many resources to add like something in pvp would. There's thousands of dialogues in this game- you really think adding three or four more specifically for the SGR community is going to be a huge drain on resources? What a joke, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves for being this deluded.

I agree that the SOTG was rather pointless- mostly just being vague more- but whining that SGR are getting some kind of special treatment because they're being given a fraction of what we all get story-wise after the game's been out a year is simply absurd.

Do you really think if they decided to not have SGR- there would be bug fixes, pvp balance, a new FP, etc... suddenly put in? Those things not getting put in has nothing to do with SGR- it's entirely due to BW simply being completely out of touch with the playerbase/on such a skeleton crew they can't do anything anymore, so blame that, but SGR clearly is not the culprit- almost everything you people are complaining about have been problems for most of the last year, when there wasn't even a hint of SGR.

But, I guess people need something to blame- so go ahead, keep blaming people of different sexual orientation, whatever makes you sleep better at night.
Working on SGR may not affect PVP, etc, but it most certainly affects adding new class stories and companion dialogues. I'm pretty sure more people who play this game would find enjoyment in new companion conversations over special written SGR dialogue that most of the same gamers will completely skip altogether. The fact is, they are having the story department work on SGR and they are shunning more class story lines. Something way more people would find enjoyment in.

Bargepole's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 08:03 AM | #295
Nothing for me here... I'll play my last story lines out as FTP (obviously on a new account as I will have to delete chars even to play on a server I've never touched).

You are not doing anything to give me value for my 8.99 a month.

Jacen_Starsolo's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 08:12 AM | #296
Quote: Originally Posted by R-Tee-Doo-Tee View Post
good to see communication from the dev's. I personally cannot see same gender romance offering anything i want to see in my game of swtor. I also think that even if i did want same gender romances the ballache of starting yet another toon to get those options available to me isn't really something i would be fond of doing. Will same gender romance be allowed to people already levelled up to 50 ?
Since it's only with NPCs and not companions... and those NPCs are only on Makeb, yes. Makeb is their coming out of the closet planet.

Shwarzchild's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 08:21 AM | #297
While there wasn't any mention of a continuation of class story, I really like hearing from Mr. Hickman in this fashion. I always felt like the information was distributed in a semi thrown about way that was hard to track. With this state of the game, I feel like I am not in the dark. I know what the direction of the game will be in the coming year, and it's something I definitely approve of. I never wanted every little detail provided, just the overall direction. My main desire is class story, and I wish it were included. But, I know what the main focal points are coming up and that's the type of communication I desired. I don't feel like I'm blind to what the plan is. I appreciate the communication, especially in this format.

jkaraus's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 08:35 AM | #298
Okay so you guys are doing one thing i have been interested in the toon copy to test thank you. Secondly you guys keep putting pvp in a way that is pve. I REALLY HATE IT. I have the game for pve and with pvp like it is now.... I really do not like to pvp. the pvp sucks in this game. When Illum was open pvp it was really fun. Now you guys keep coming up with 9 yr old content... PLEASE STOP.

DigitalDreamz's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 08:47 AM | #299
So far with this guy's 'state of the game' it's turning into all talk. Talk is cheap, bugs are still crawling ALL over me in game. Performance is still an issue. C'mon man stop patting your own back and actually start fixing!

I'd say get people OFF THE FLEET! Expand each planet's size to include a heroic zone dedicated for 50s.

Do something about performance man. How about dialing down the view distance. I don't need to see the very ends of a planet.

Make crafting worth something again! Right now with planet comms leveling up there is NOOO point in crafting. Hitting 50 and getting drops also overwrite crafting professions.

Want world pvp? Simple just get Reps and Imps closer to each other while they level, do dailies or quest. We'll take care of the rest.

Group space combat OFF RAILS! Have objectives and we as a team complete it.

Put in pvp brackets. Get rid of the 10 - 49 bracket. Don't do server pvp queues. Merge all servers into one queue.

Let us guide our own ships to the planet instead of point and click. Expand on our ships. Let us have MUCH more to do in there.

Write more scripts for NPCs. Let them do SOMETHING! Move around at the very least.

I threw generalities in there. I could be VERY specific if asked to but these I don't think are reasonable. Looking at what other MMOs have done with their game this isn't asking for much.

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01.03.2013 , 09:02 AM | #300
Quote: Originally Posted by Glzmo View Post
All I wanted to hear was that chat bubbles for spatial chat are actively being worked on coming in the next month or two. Yet no mention of them whatsoever. Very disappointing, Hickman!

By the way, the discuss this article link on the blog isn't working.
chat bubbles work better in comic based games ....they become destractions in non comic games sadly. I loved them in COX ... had macro pasted comments on all my major attacks taunting as i let lose my nukes or drop an ice slick. But in star wars chat bubbles would be a bad thing especially in raids. Someone macros a big joke on ther orbital cast and you dont notice a red circle .. YOUR fault the raid wipes ?

because this game is so mechanics heavy chat bubbles is not likely to happen without major hate mail from end game players.

What i am really disappointed in is no numbers .... "increasing number of players" doesnt give us even an idea. At least when DDO did its first State of the Game they gave us numbers. 500% revenue increase (doesnt matter what it was matters that it increased substantialy) from 60k to over 2 million player base .... etc.

We had 500k give us a number we can look at .... are we sitting pretty at 3 million players ... are we still sitting at 500k ish because of all the lost players having there spots filled with nothing more then f2p (not premiums) ?

what is the spread .... i know in my guild alot of the f2p players in the last month have been convinced by guildies and through gameplay that they should at very least be premium (out of the 30 active f2p we have seen more then 10 sub and all the rest become premium in our guild alone). Why not be proud of your numbers ... you dont have to give us details but give us an idea of the growth ... that is what people expect in a state of the game address.
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