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Star Wars: The Old Republic – State of the Game #2

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Star Wars: The Old Republic – State of the Game #2
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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01.02.2013 , 08:10 PM | #221
Quote: Originally Posted by Apache View Post
Im no Hater, but I didnt see anything informative in that article.

All I seen was that SGRs were going to be in Makeb. Thats it.

Everything else was vague information about stuff that they already gave us vague information about before.
Agreed. The only thing that could possibly be a reveal, since SGR was already revealed, is the "more things to do with your companions". That could be just more dailies, but I'm hoping it's the long awaited solo flashpoint type content.
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01.02.2013 , 08:21 PM | #222
Quote: Originally Posted by orpheus View Post
still no plans for the ailing APAC servers Jeff ?

from State of the Game #1
I was thinking the exact same thing!
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01.02.2013 , 08:25 PM | #223
Looks like no new class story is coming.

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01.02.2013 , 08:25 PM | #224
How about, since you are basically saying "forget PvP!", you *at least* address the rising issue of hacking that has sprung up.

Its seriously getting worse every week because the people that were caught 1-2 months ago are still playing and still hacking. Not even a single 1 day ban has been issued yet. Don't believe there is hacking? Google swtor gingers and see for yourself, and he's just one of'em that has been caught multiple times.
You haven't seen what a drop in subscriptions is if you do not address this. Anyone that is remotely interested in PvP will leave, and eventually the hacks will spill over into PvE in some way, shape or form. But hey, I'm sure this whole ignore it and it will go away approach will work just fine....
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01.02.2013 , 08:26 PM | #225
will i finally get to marry mako?
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01.02.2013 , 08:29 PM | #226
Good stuff, but honestly, I'd be more interested in getting all the bugs fixed than you guys at BW just continuelsy adding new content, ultimately adding more bugs. There are so many bugs and generally just flaws of all kinds, that this game still feels like a beta version. And some of the bugs currently in the game, have been running wild since beta!!!
So come on BW, fix the game, before adding more content.

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01.02.2013 , 08:30 PM | #227
Quote: Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
Kinda sad when SGR gets a bigger commitment than PvP does from the Executive Producer...lets us know where we stand in their eyes.
True. My last post, where I mentioned how stupid SGR is, was deleted and I got a warning because I said "You can play Sims and be gay all the way you want". On the other hand, cheats, hacks all over the place. Nobody it getting banned for abusing or doing it.
Oh, well, nice update anyway.

Maybe I will get warning because of this one, too. Who knows.

natashina's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 08:34 PM | #228
I'll keep this short and sweet.

Thank you for addressing SGRs and end game content Mr Hickman.

Bugs need to be brought up and acknowledged. Some of them are very severe and love to crash the game.

Now, could you please talk about the APAC servers? Most of my friends are from overseas and they need this in top shape sooner than later.

The billing issues need to be fixed big time! While it isn't game breaking for me, this is really hindering a lot of people's ability to play.

I did have "fun" trying to get Makeb pre-ordered, but at least it got through.

Oh and how about easing up on some of the F2P restrictions? That would be great.

Eldrake's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 08:34 PM | #229
Many thanks for the latest State of the Game, it is appreciated.

The only thing that i would ask, is to either have them more frequently or else longer. From reading the this thread, there are a lot of issues which people feel very strongly about and are clearly upset that there is no mention of their particular topic in your update. While i am sure this does not mean those issues are being ignored or forgotten about, the lack of information can lead to people coming to such conclusions.

While i appreciate it would be impossible to answer everyone's issue in your State of the Game address, not without it being pages long at least, you could cover more topics through either more frequent updates of the same length or else longer ones on the current cycle. For short updates, you could, as you have in this update, address several specific topics on a rolling basis, i.e. PvP and SGR this update, game mechanics and bugs in another, etc. If the schedule was outlined in advance, people would then know when to expect a State of the Game which would be on the general subject they were interested in, even if the exact issue isn't addressed.

For longer updates, you could stay on the current cycle but cover more issues per update. Again, due to the number of issues that people have, a schedule for these would also probably be helpful as it would be difficult to include all topics in any kind of detail while keeping the update at a manageable length, so a schedule would let people know when to expect their topic to be in the State of the Game address.

So thanks again for the latest State of the Game address and i look forward to reading your next update in the future.


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01.02.2013 , 08:40 PM | #230
The movies are also about love, romance, passion and hate.

Leia and Han are a simple and all time classic romance. Love and relationships are certainly two of the themes of both the original and prologue trilogies. That as well as the battle of good vs evil.

One of my favorite lines is between Leia and Han, at the end of Empire:

Leia: "I love you."
Han: "I know."

It's just one more flavor to add to the game.

Anyhow, talk to those poor APAC players Jeff and update all of us more often!