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Sith Inq Legacy Set from Cartel

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Sith Inq Legacy Set from Cartel

johanlofdahl's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 03:48 AM | #1
Hey Guys,

I've just returned from a 8month break.. or well didnt play to return to be honest but here I am!

I wanted to experience the sith inq story, and i have a old one a twi'lek. Checked the legacy armor from cartel coins, the one you can use from lvl31. Looks nice! But just wondering, how does that work with the lekku? Will the lekku be hidden? Will I have a ribbon instead of hood/mask or?

Any info here would be great.
Thanks alot!
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Leigabar's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 05:32 AM | #2
Hi there.

Leku prevent to be "hooded" but if You put CM Inq mask You will not have no leku at all, and no hood also.

The best looking mask for Twi'lek is Revan mas (arround 3,5 to 6 mil at GTN) or mask from Legacy vendor at Dromund Kass (100k if I remember correctly)

If You made the same mistake as I by choosing Twi'lek in this game stic wit circlets or gogles or smth similar. It's the best for us leku owners there in my opinion.