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PvP Quiters

Totaltrash's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 08:28 PM | #91
Since launch, I've never quit a warzone (other than being d/ced by EAware's glorious engine).

But now I actually consider doing it:
The reason is that since last Friday, 50% of my teams had at least one player in PVE gear with zero expertise.
Several times, there were multiple zero expertise players on the team and 100% of those wzs were lost.

All crafter a-holes farming warhero gear to RE for stabs, but don't bother to wear any themselves.

This is ruining PVP faster than the smashmonkey epidemic!

V-Serp's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 08:28 PM | #92
Since Bioware does everything else wrong for PVP, they probably will put a penalty in for quitting. I can't believe people still play this game's PVP actually. 10-49 it's bearable but at 50 it's an absolute joke. You are better off just deleting your character at 50 and re-rolling. If you play in groups you actually only have to play through once on each side to see most of the stories in this game (you just can't see the holoterminal scenes in the ships).