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Does this story have any funny parts?

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Does this story have any funny parts?

Dabrixmgp's Avatar

12.31.2012 , 08:13 AM | #1
I have decided to quit my Assassin and reroll into a Shadow but I have heard this is by far the worst story in the game. Are there at least some funny parts like when my master Zash possesses Khem Val during the SI story and speaks through him for the rest of the game? Just anything to make it seem less boring?

Ekoth's Avatar

12.31.2012 , 11:12 AM | #2
The JC story gets some serious backlash from people because the story is more 'behind the scenes' style than being upfront and directly in the action like the other stories.

For example:


The story doesn't have a lot of 'wow' moments or parts that put you on the edge of your seat, but when you sit back and think about it, you effect the galaxy more than other Republic stories, but in a much more subtle manner.

However, if you're looking for a story with good laughable moments, aside from your healer companion there isn't much.
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