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The Reclamation (Rp/PvE/PvP Guild)

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The Reclamation (Rp/PvE/PvP Guild)

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12.30.2012 , 08:52 PM | #1

The Imperial Reclamation Service has seen fit to create an autonomous branch of its purview for the sole purpose of seeking out truth or history and bringing it to light by any means necessary - be it via research, discovery, force of arms, or espionage. To that end, this new branch has put out an open recruitment call to those of skill who would aid in bringing glory to the Empire.
The Reclamation has use for any and all skill sets, from the intrepid explorer to the stealthy agent, from the social aristocrat to the battle-hardened warrior. Those who would join this prestigious organization would find a wealth of purpose and opportunity amidst the Empire's elite. Contracts for enterprising personnel with experience in historical acquisition can also be accommodated. For the Glory of the Empire.


The Reclamation is a Heavy RP Guild with medium PvP, PvE and exploration opportunities under the RP premise of "Find what's out there and TAKE it, for the Empire!" with the intent to compliment and mesh with the currently existing Empire RP Guilds. Simple things such as monthly RP Datacron runs ICly viewed as 'Digs', Guild PvP forays into warzones, and regular guild-based RP events can be enjoyed. Though each of these will be guild-based, we intend many of them to be open-RP events as well.
Our guild chat is OOC, but have an IC created channel for those who wish to participate but cannot join the guild proper. The guild is currently led by Lord Ilireth Necare, with Malea, Dae'shahan and Sleth serving as the current guild Overseer(Officer) and Analysts(Elite Operatives), respectively.
The guild is open to all classes and characters on the Imperial side of the faction mechanic, as the scope of the Reclamation's IC goals require and can make stories for any skillset - as the IC advertisement implies. As always, our OOC goal is first and foremost to have fun and create more RP opportunity for the server together. - The Place to Play
Serving the greater Begeren Colony Area since the first server moves.
Enhance your PvE, PvP, RP and the community!