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Op or Sorc: Can't Decide

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Op or Sorc: Can't Decide

Kurugi's Avatar

12.30.2012 , 04:11 AM | #1
Yes, I read the thread further down on the first page asking which to choose between sage or scoundrel, but that was a very general question (literally "which is better?"). Having played both classes before and knowing their states in both PvE and PvP already my inability to choose is more specific.

I've played an Op healer to 30 and a Sorc healer to the low 20's. I tend to get bored with Sorc healers, but I realize they get more involved later on. Plus I think bubble just makes things a lot easier in the lower level flashpoints. I can't remember why I stopped playing my Op. It was one of my first characters back when the game launched and I mainly did PvP with him.

I remember Op healing being very fun, especially in PvP. The only thing I remember not liking is having my main attacks be melee while my heals were full range. It's a bit jarring since you tend to hang back when you heal, but if you don't really need to heal atm or it would be more beneficial to help take a target down you have to then run into melee range, whereas on a Sorc everything at your disposal is useable from the same range as your heals. It's kind of nitpicky but I do remember finding that annoying when I played Op, so that makes me lean towards Sorc.

Honestly the only thing that keeps me from just going Sorc is I'm afraid I'll find healing too boring (and the fact I've already experienced a lot of the story having played a Sin up to Hoth, though I am interested in seeing how the story ends. Never really got into the Agent story as much even though it's highly regarded, though I only made it to Alderaan). I already find it boring at low levels but I assume it picks up once you get Innervate. I do prefer the animations of the Sorc abilities, and I tend to get bored playing non-force users in Star Wars since anything not Jedi or Sith never seems as important in the grand scheme of things, but that's just Star Wars (at least to me).

I'm interested in both PvE and PvP, though I'm not really concerned with which class is the stronger in each facet of the game. Class strength is rarely the main thing I look at when choosing which class I want to play. My main issue in deciding is basically: Mechanically I think I'd have more fun actually playing as an Operative, but aesthetically I'm more inclined to go Sorc since I prefer being a force user and I like the look of shooting lightning more. I just can't decide which is more important overall. Either way I tend to doubt myself. If I play an Op I miss having lightning and power, but when I play on a Sorc I feel like I'd be having more fun if I was an Op.

Thanks for any feedback.

Pubsam's Avatar

01.01.2013 , 01:18 PM | #2
My first character was an Op and my current main is Sorc, so I'll try to help you but keep in mind I may be biased.

Operatives being melee was a big deal for me as well. In HM FPs and in the easier ops I tend to DPS a LOT, and if I didn't DPS in between healing I'd be very bored. Running into range as an Operative is not something I find fun. Also, since I find the regen mechanics for Sorcs much more forgiving, it is easier to dish out some damage without having to worry about force.

I'm the opposite of you in that I prefer the look-and-feel of my Operative to the Sorc but find I enjoy the Sorc playstyle more. So I'm inclined to tell you to pick the class you prefer the playstyle of. Once the class story is over playing the game is going to be your main activity, so I find class mechanics become important.

That said, I wouldn't judge the playstyle of the Sorc until you get Innervate. It's a real bread-and-butter ability and feels much more fun than all those hard-cast Dark Infusions you've been relying on. I find Sorc playstyle to be simpler and more intuitive than the Op's. I find it a bit rhythmic, focused on Innervate.

I find the Operative playstyle to be more tactical and proactive versus the Sorc. There's more to keep track of and more decisions to make, and I definitely think it's the more difficult class to play well. On the flip side you have to put in so much more effort to match the performance of a competent Sorc, who has more attention to focus on the raid or WZ or whatever. I like a challenge, but found staring at my buff bar, my CDs, and other people's buff bar to be irritating. At the end of the day I'd just rather play my Sorc more and enjoy myself than put the time in to master the Operative.
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Tadache's Avatar

01.02.2013 , 05:41 PM | #3
I haven't played either class all the way to 50, as I'm fairly new to the game. My Sorc is in his mid-30s and my Op is in her late 20s. So, take my advice for whatever you think it's worth.

I started the game thinking my Sorc was going to be my main. Then I started an Op because I heard the Imp Agent story line was great. I'm starting to realize that my Op is becoming my main. When I log in each night I tend to choose the Op first. I think there are two reasons for this.

1. I am really into the story line. I see that it didn't draw you in so much, but for me it is much more interesting than the Sorc's story.

2. The healing mechanics are new and challenging. I've healed in every MMO I've ever played. Although each healing class in each game has its unique spells, they all seemed to be similar when all was said and done. The Sorc feels to me like something I've played many times before. Don't get me wrong; I like playing my Sorc. But the healing mechanics of the Op are intriguing to me. It feels new, different and fun! I'm doing the same thing I've always done -- healing. But, for the first time in years it feels like I'm having to think differently about how to do it. I really like that.

As the previous poster said, in the end it comes down to enjoying the mechanics. That's exactly it for me. The Op mechanics are more interesting to me.


TaoSWTOR's Avatar

01.03.2013 , 06:40 AM | #4
I'm having the exact same troubles as you, Kurugi. Having run through a lot of the available classes and deleted them again, my first real toon is a DS op (lvl 24) and a LS sorc (lvl 28) - both healers, since that's what I always play.

As for the overall experience, I agree with you story-wise. The IA story is great, yes, but you kinda feel like a roadie. Getting involved in the inner workings of the sith is really where it's at - where the whole SW thing is. You're greeted on new planets by people who've heard of you, and who's been excited/scared that you're coming. You're somebody special. As an IA, you're the puff of smoke coming from the grassy knoll. As a sorc you're accompanied by a legendary assassin, who's always threatening to devour people. As IA you're accompanied by a freak show with a yellow hardhat (oaky, I bought it for her I know).

This is reflected in the aesthetics as well. My sorc's robes are beautiful and she spews lightning from her fingertips. My op wears a grey raincoat, a blue baseball cap and is just ... grey.

Healing as a sorc feels incredibly WoW-priesty. Very, very familiar. Mana ... sorry ... force issues seem non-existent really. You're only really challenged by the erratic behaviour of pugs (let's attack three different mobs simultaneously!). I get banged up badly in PvP. Also very WoW-like As the other poster said, op feels new and fresh .Sadly it's also a new mechanic my old brain needs to wrap around. It's great to think you can heal forever, but burst periods are just angst-filled. PvP'er is funner as op. Even as the worst PvP'er ever, I top healing meters in WZs and I even get a few backstabs and shivs in (followed by instant death but totally worth it!).

My sorc's on Tattoine now and it blows more than sand! Op's starting Nar Shadaa, which feels like a differently lighted Curoscant. I'm a little fed up with questing atm. I have a lvl 11 commando healer, but the whole military thing does nothing for me. My solution now - because I do genuinely love this game and I haven't had this much fun since running my priest through Northrend - is to PvP on the Op and do Heroics and FPs on the sorc.

Let me know what you decide and gl with it.