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Star wars timeline.

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12.29.2012 , 08:25 PM | #1
Something that came to mind:

Many people praise the post return of the jedi order for allow marragie.

But from what i can find there is more war, suffering, pain, and jedi falling to the dark side in the two centuer's after return of the jedi then any of the times befor the return of the jedi.

Yes there was war and suffer(check swtor) but it was alot less choatic.

So my question is.
What time period in star wars would you consider the best one?
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12.29.2012 , 11:51 PM | #2
I would say the Old Republic Era, Pre-Russan. More specifically the time spawn of 7000-4000 BBY. Those were the truest glory days of the republic and the Jedi Order. There enemies crushed (or in the process of being crushed), and I believe it is this time period where the "modern" Jedi Order was forged and perfected. Though, it had a few rough patches and changes, I believe this is where it was defined. True, only to be remade with the New Sith Wars, and again after the Galactic Empire, the galaxies vision of the Republic and the Jedi was crafted here. I also think it has a great classic feel to it, its old, but not too old! Lol!

It was very true what Darth Traya said, "The Republic was a stagnant beast that went unchallenged for too long".

I imagine being a Jedi in that time frame would have been the best, however it is conflicting weather or not they had marriage back then. Some times they seemed too, other times they didn't. Star Wars has a lot of work still to do with this time period.

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