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Praise for the storyline and atmosphere

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Praise for the storyline and atmosphere

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12.28.2012 , 11:34 AM | #1

I'm not sure whether this should be in general but since it's related to storylines, I felt it would fit here.

I've just finished playing through the Sith Inquisitor storyline and although I've only finished one class I've definetely felt engrossed enough with the plot to make a judgement on the quality of this game (as well as the previous series) and it's important constribution to the franchise as a whole.

Firstly, I have to salute Bioware for simply allowing me to fall in love with Star Wars again, and providing a new medium in which I feel such a childlike love can be justified. I honestly believe the the KOTOR series to be the most valuable addition to Star Wars since the original triology. That being said I'm not an avid reader/collector of expanded universe material and I'm sure they are equally enthralling adventures to be found in those works, but the mass accessibility and appeal (as well as it's cinematic style) of the Old Republic lends the series a degree of cultural importance in relation to the franchise that the comics and books may lack.

Why do I love the Old Republic so much? Well, I'm not a hardcore MMO player so my judgements are entirely focused on the storyline, plot and atmosphere rather than the gameplay. My general affinity lies in it's resemblance to the charm and simplicity of the originals while at the same time allowing room for more complex themes to exist. Let's face it, Star Wars isn't exactly highbrow entertainment and while there are more intricate themes of an esoteric nature, it does remain firmly in the adventure-fantasy cateogary for me. Bioware nailed this balance, supplying a clear and involved character arc and a plot which compliments this development, all while treating the subject matter with the same mix of childlike allure and seriousness that characterised the originals.

The companions and characters had clear definable personalities which although sometimes cliche, never delved into the downright boring or excessively convulated. Infact the simplicity of many of the characters simply added to the charm. Whenever there was a betrayal or twist, it was meanigful since he/she had previously acted with seemigly straightforward intentions. That's not to say, however, they were one dimensional. Although the companions all had clear, simple concepts attached to them, most displayed multi-faceted personalities and conflicts between their motivations and surrounding obstacles.

The atmosphere was outstanding, I simply can't give enough praise in this regard. The Used future aesthetic was utilised in a faithfulness to the originals while amplifying the trope to stress the grandness of the setting. I just loved Coreilla, it definetely felt the most lived in planet in the game. The brutalist articheturtural landscape along with the very visible signs of military occupation conjured up images of Grozny in the 1990s. The little things all helped to actually have you invested in the area at hand. Soldiers chatting to seditionists behind roadblocks, Imperial slaves lined up in rows in the open streets. Everything felt of consequence.

Again, I've only played through the Sith Inquisitor storyline so I'm not sure if the same can be said for the Republic side (although I certainly hope so). Let's hope disney has equally competent writers behind the new films!