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Will we get compensation?

Stoofa's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 05:15 AM | #11
This damn "compensation culture" which started out in the US and now pollutes the UK and the rest of the world.
So you want compensation?
Lets start with what compensation you are suggesting? Remember that compensation is designed to put you in the same financial position you were in before the "accident" of "event" happened.
So if you're knocked over in the street and have to miss lots of work and not get paid then you are due some compensation.
If somebody destroys something of yours then you are due compensation.
In each case the compensation should cover the "out of pocket" - so replacement of the item destroyed of the cash to cover the time you were not paid.

So with all this in mind why exactly do you feel you are owned any kind of compensation and what exactly do you think that compensation should be?
Remembering that compensation is not just a way to be greedy and gain things you are not entitled to or deserve (a la compensation culture US/UK/ROW).

Rahizm's Avatar

01.10.2013 , 12:11 PM | #12
Funny, I've never asked for a compensation before. Ever. BECAUSE THE CUSTOMER SUPPORT OF EVERYTHING ELSE WAS BETTER THAN THIS. And this is coming from someone who worked for a customer support service for the biggest multimedia service in Belgium. I even handed out compensations myself. So why now? Because I'm not happy with the service me and my wife received. And what should you definitely not do with happy customers? Make them unhappy. Oh and we are NOT the only ones with this issue.

Customers who do NOT receive the support they paid for when they purchased their product and/or who do NOT receive WHAT they paid for are entitled to receive a compensation.

Don't start with the compensation culture. Read around the forums. Read all the complaints. People with problems for days/weeks/months are still waiting for an answer/fix while it's on EA's end.

If you claim that asking for a compensation is pure greed, then look at the current situation. Instead of having fixed their billing issues they keep releasing Cartel Market items for players without any problems, to cash in. THAT is called greed.