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One reason there is a tank shortage in group finder

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One reason there is a tank shortage in group finder

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01.03.2013 , 01:35 PM | #151
Quote: Originally Posted by Mallorik View Post
I just had a surrreal experience in a lowbie fp i just have to share.

I was playing my 23 operative, qued as dps got in hammerstation, few pulls in our jugg tank is almost dead a few times, then dies. I see our commando healer has his dps barrel on, i ask, did he not realize he was dps? 3 times and 3 pulls and one tank death later he responds. But hes not speced heals so i tell him stay dps ill respec heals. Everything is fine until he disconnects a few pulls later and doesnt come back.

I ask the tank who is lead to reque us about 4 times but he never responds and even attacks the boss with the two bots, i cc the one you can cc and he attacks the boss, letting the other one beat on me the entire time. no biggy im 22 and well geared , well he finaly kills the boss then starts working on the ccd one while the other one continues to beat me. we finaly finish and i refuse to click the station until he reques us or atleast responds.

almost 5 minutes later the reque window comes up, we get a dps, oh joy. a shadow dps in tank stance, i just shut up and we move on. we get to the two champ turrets i cc the far one, our tank attacks the close one, our shadow tank/dps attacks the far one, i mention that its ccd a couple of times, no response.

We get to the last boss, im about to tell the jugg to put his back on the computer and dont point the boss at us, too late hes already jumped in. i mention not to face him towards us a few times, doesnt matter hes facing him at everyone wherever they go. no dps is doing anything about the adds, so im killing them and healing at the same time. we win and these idiots think we did a good job but dont realize its because they have a level 23 in full level 23 orange gear healing them.

I wasnt really mad i was just shocked that i could get a group almost entirely made up of morons and even get another moron when we kicked one out. Theres alot bioware could do to fix these problems that really make having fun hard, and a year of them not doing anything about it is just another example of how out of touch they are and why this game failed in the first place.

Stuff like this happens to me several times a day,everyday.It's sad cause it gets to the point that something i love doing is almost to the point that i don't even wanna bother anymore

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01.03.2013 , 02:24 PM | #152
one thing i cant stand is a DPS that wants to be a tank. or someone who is trying to rush thru a FP just because his raid is starting. I am not on your time, you qued for it so you should have time to go thru it and respect the other players if they want to hear the cut scenes let them.
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01.03.2013 , 03:37 PM | #153
Tanks aren't singled out for abuse. I've seen people go equally crazy against DPS and Healers. This isn't why there is a shortage of tanks.

However, I'm not saying this isn't a problem either. It's usually why I tend to avoid using pug groups with the GF. If I use the group finder, I usually like to have at least one other guildy or friend with me.

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01.03.2013 , 03:42 PM | #154
I must be extremely lucky, because in the time I've played there has only been one occasion where I've had to boot and ignore someone from groupfinder. The only instances other than that there have only been a handful of situations where I've had to say something to the effect of, "if you feel like standing in fire then have fun, but you're not getting healed".

I have a geared Tank, Healer, and DPS but nearly all of the HM FPs have been mostly problem free. The only guy I ignored was during a HM BP run while I was the healer. I had a guildy as a tank and 2 PUG DPS. The first was in Rakata+, and the other was in oranges and greens. This wouldn't have been a problem if he paid any attention to what he was doing. He would just attack whatever he felt like, ignore CCs, and fight the biggest guys first. Pretty much doing all the things you're not supposed to do. The final straw was when we were trying to do the bonus boss since my healer could use the gear at the time. We wiped twice, both times this DPS blamed the rest of the group for not staying away from the reactors when they are going off. Too bad that we only died when they enraged. We tried telling him that enrage means it's a DPS problem only, that he needs to stop standing there picking his *** and actually kill the things. It should really be a no DPS problem fight if they have any sense. We vote kicked him, but not before he started ranting and yelling obscenities about how terrible I and the rest of the group were.

We queued for another DPS and when he asked what happened to the last one we let him know and he laughed. We cleared the rest of BP without any issues, including that bonus boss.

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01.03.2013 , 03:45 PM | #155
Recently been leveling up my Commando as a Healer, now at lvl 45 (still on Hoth btw) and for the first time got Red Reaper from the GF Queue, and quit the group 3 minutes in.
The Tank was an absolute dunce, a lvl 46 Vangaurd who was so bad at keeping agro that I kept getting grappled and pulled in by the first mobs in the landing bay, despite popping my threat dump skill every chance I got. Basically I was taking more damage than the tank, didn't help the 2 DPS (a Commando and a Sentinel) were running around trying to kill mobs on opposite ends of the room, both outside my healing range. So in the space of the first mob fight I get killed about 4 times because i keep getting ganged up on by the Mobs, the Tank dies several times due to the fact that I can't heal him whilst dead and the DPS keep getting killed because they're too far away to get healed even if the healer was alive to heal them, which I wasn't. Now I've tanked Red Reaper with my Guardian and run DPS with my Shadow and I've never seen the Healer take that much damage in the first battle.
It wasn't this p*ss poor performance that made me quit it was the attitude of the Tank afterwards, basically I got a string of abuse about how my healing Sucked, how he was the greatest Tank of all time and how (apparently) I should have been able to heal him, the 2 DPS and myself with no problems whilst taking a huge amount of damage if I knew what I was doing and wasn't an utter n00b.
I was just weighing up the pros and cons of telling him just what I thought of his Tanking and how much I valued his opinion (about as much as I'd value stepping in dog sh*t) when the Commando quits the group (i don't blame him). This starts the Tank off on another rant about how the DPS sucked and at that point I quit too.
A little later I re-queued and got red reaper again, with a different Vanguard Tank (lvl 47) this guy knew what he was doing (as did the Shadow and Commando DPS) and we got through it fairly smoothly. Mind you I will admit Red Reaper is hard on Healers, especially those first few chaotic mob fights, after them it gets a lot easier.
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01.03.2013 , 03:48 PM | #156
I'm a natural tank player. I feel... strange, on dps classes.

Healers, I've never enjoyed it... so I personally stay right away from it!

But we do not enjoy greedy or idiot dps and REALLY hate dps queing up in the HEALER slot, it happens at all level ranges it seems - STOP IT. gah!
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01.03.2013 , 04:21 PM | #157
Thanks for the article. Too often in close fights after pulling thru I always tell them nice heals, from now on I'll remember to thank the tank as well.

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01.03.2013 , 04:23 PM | #158
Quote: Originally Posted by Mistress_Ivi View Post
I'm a natural tank player. I feel... strange, on dps classes.

Healers, I've never enjoyed it... so I personally stay right away from it!

But we do not enjoy greedy or idiot dps and REALLY hate dps queing up in the HEALER slot, it happens at all level ranges it seems - STOP IT. gah!
Unfortunately there is a glitch with the GF... I queue solely as a DPS-er and get nailed into the Healer slot quite frequently on my Commando. I do NOT enjoy healing, even though I do not do bad at it. HOWEVER if I have the darn thing UNSELECTED it should not put me into the healer role... yet it does... known bug.
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01.03.2013 , 04:42 PM | #159
Had a heartwarming experience in a SM KP a week ago.
(Note: I'm a decently experienced raid runner, Rakata Geared Guardian tank)

My off tank was a sub 50 geared Vanguard who, at the beginning of the raid brashly announced he was experienced and not to worry about him.

After him dying instantly on most boss fights, aggroing extra adds and breaking CC, I initiated a vote to kick him with the reason being "Gross Incompetence". Bless my heart, the vote passed and we 7 manned the Droid and Karaga.

I can put up with people who don't know what they're doing, if they're willing to listen and learn with the group. If you want to do your own thing, don't join up in group missions.

It's nice when Voting works. Point is, if people are willing to be cooperative, I will keep tanking.

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01.03.2013 , 04:47 PM | #160
Quote: Originally Posted by Urael View Post
Isn't it always the healers fault?

*ducks* ...

No seriously ... Tanks and or Healers should be the group leaders since they both have certain perspectives on "battle field awareness". NEVER DPS (and I am primarily a DPS player).

Nah, SOME DPS can be group leaders, but not all of them. I'm primarily a DPS player, Gunnery Commando main, and I am also our guild raid leader, so I have to give fight explanations, etc. so I always make sure to learn all the fights from all perspectives, at least in general, so I can let everyone know what to expect, and let them figure out how best to manage it. I so the same in all the HM FPs so if I'm in there with someone who doesn't know what to do I can tell them.

Sadly tho stupid isn't restricted just to GF, but to PuGging in general. Last night I went to do CtS on my shadow tank and had to deal with a gunslinger who didn't understand the concept of letting the tank start a fight, using his deaggro, or on fight right before the last boss with the 4 golds he ran into range and dropped flyby on all 4 immediately, then once I had aggro established he ran to the elevator and STOOD THERE DOING NOTHING until he got called out by the healer, at which point he decided to stand there and hit his auto-attack skill until everything was dead. I was not the group leader or i would have kicked him then and there for that stunt. And of course he ran in and aggroed Kovic as soon as the door was open and locked out the other DPS. I tried to stand there and let him die, until he deaggroed and the healer, who was keepign him alive, grabbed Kovic, at which point I grabbed him and we finished. The healer and other DPS were awesome, so I didn't want ot leave because of them, but that jagoff made my list of players to put on ignore on all toons.
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