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Journal of the Jedi Jore'el

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12.27.2012 , 05:50 AM | #1
((I hope this is the correct forum for something like this. anyway here goes ))

This will be the first entry in the Journal of Jore'el Nefarion. Master Denmar told me that keeping a recording may help provide clarity to my training. I have finished the combat, and philosophy training. I try to be patient and control my emotions, but I have never felt more attuned to the force then when I am engaged in combat. During my studies of Jedi philosophy I felt as if I would fall asleep, Master Brim's lectures where always so dull.

Today I will be on my way to Tython for the final portion of my trials. I feel anxious, though meditation seems to help calm me. I just hope I will find my focus during these trials...

Before I end this entry Master Denmar advised me that talking about the dreams may help interpret them. I have been dreaming of a strange place in some unknown mountains. There is an ancient device and I appear to be holding a lightsaber. There is I think a quake of some kind, and I end up falling. I ended up in an old storage room of some sort. In this room is a strange looking droid and boxes marked with a very strange symbol.

The dreams keep getting stronger and Master Denmar thinks they are force premonitions, yet none of the Masters will tell me what the symbol means.

Time to go the shuttle is boarding for Tython

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12.27.2012 , 06:03 AM | #2
Second entry of the Journal of Jore’el Nefarion.

It has been a few weeks since I have been able to take the time and record another entry. When I landed on Tython I was thrown into the crucible of combat. The Jedi training grounds were attacked at the same moment I landed, the force works in a very mysterious way. Beings the Jedi call Flesh Raiders assault our training camps, I was tasked with helping push them back. In the midst of combat something very remarkable happened, I found the droid I have seen in my visions.
An HK unit, designation HK-51, a combat droid who now is attached to me. Finding this droid during the conflict here on Tython makes me wonder if this mountain region is also located here. I asked the HK unit if he knew what the symbol was that I have seen in these visions, his reply “Revan.” None of the Jedi Masters want to discuss the name or place this droid has mentioned. When I have some time I will go to the Jedi archives and research this name.