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Favorite Flashpoints?

Zarakaar's Avatar

12.27.2012 , 02:23 PM | #11
I enjoy Hammer station and Cademimu. I'd like to see those as hard modes.

My real favorite is Lost Island. The mechanics are challenging, the tuning was tight enough to be fun for a while, and even now there are little benchmarks to test against: Skip all the smashes, 1 tank Lorrick, 0-tank Lorrick without a healer in the group, etc.

RazerCannon's Avatar

12.27.2012 , 03:29 PM | #12
I really liked Esseles. Seemed like an actual Star Wars story, with real LS/DS choices

Petnil's Avatar

12.27.2012 , 04:58 PM | #13
i like most of them. My least favorite is colicoid. The gunshooting part is just boring. Puzzle and last boss are fine exept i kinda feel the puzzle is too much of a free loot thing, just like the gunshooting "boss" loot.

If i had to pick a favorite FP it would be Maelstroem + foundry. to me they go together.