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Legacy of Destruction

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03.01.2013 , 03:26 PM | #41
Chapter 28

Beskar mines, Mandalore
115 days ABDK

Jasin lit his lightsaber and cut down two of the Dread Guard. Ahead, he saw a squad of Imperial troopers take down another line of Dread Forces.

“We have to take out the Dread Masters now!” Jasin said.

Ylenia and her Jedi leapt in, clearing a path for Jasin and his allies. Jasin cut down a rear guard as he entered the lower levels of the mine.

He shuddered. Down here, it seemed the darkness swallowed even the light of his lightsaber. He lowered his blade slowly and motioned for the others to enter. Dankin and Backblast activated helmet and gun lamps, but it didn’t help much.

“Stay close,” Jasin said. “This is the Dread Masters’ work, no question.”

Scourge and Kira formed up on Jasin’s flanks, while T7 and Rusk guarded the back.

“Here we go…”

Mine entrance, Mandalore
115 days ABDK

Tran’thar led his forces down the tunnel. The Republic troops with him stood at arms’ length or farther, as if frighetened of him. He didn’t like it.

“The Dread Masters will be difficult foes,” Khem Val noted.

“And after we went to the trouble of freeing them,” Andronikos said with a note of irony.

“We shouldn’t have done that,” Tran’thar said.

That stopped almost all conversation. Tran’thar lit his lightsaber, the red light filling the cavern. Two guards saw them approaching and lit their own blades. Andronikos and the Republic forces blasted one down while Khem leapt in and slashed the other one apart.

“Quietly,” Tran’thar said. “I sense a great deal of dark power at work here…”

Suddenly a horrific beast leapt out of the shadows. On instinct, Tran’thar brought up his blade and slashed the beast in half. He frowned.

Asation. Unspeakable terrors. The Dread Masters…

What was this? A trick, a memory? A lie?

No matter. They just had to keep moving.

He whirled and sent a blast of Force lightning back behind him as he sensed something. Another beast. It fell to the ground, where Khem Val quickly dismembered it.

“The Dread Masters,” Tran’thar said. “I…I remember. Something, something about the Gree…a Terror?”

“You went on a mission a few months back,” Ahsara said. “You fought terrible things on Asation, summoned by the Dread Masters. The Gree asked you for help.”

“Yes…but I still don’t remember much else. Why…?”

“Head in the game, Sith,” growled Major Prudii. “We have Dread Masters to kill.”

Tran’thar nodded. “Right. The Dread Masters.”

Dread Master rally point
115 ABDK

Methic entered the chamber. The Dread Masters were gathered in the center. Across the room, he could see Jasin and his allies entering with their own weapons lit. Silently he wondered if they’d experienced similar attacks as he had on the way in.

“The Emperor’s Wrath,” whispered the Dread Master leader, Raptus. “You come to us at last.”

“You will join us,” Brontes, one of the female Dread Masters, said.

“Never,” Methic snarled.

“That wasn’t an option,” Tyrans snarled.

“You will join us,” Bestia, the other female, hissed.

Methic groaned in pain as an invisible hand clutched at his brain. He cried out in anger, lit his lightsabers, and attacked.

* * *

Jaesa gasped in surprise as Methic’s lightsaber passed over her head. She realized in horror that the Dread Masters were exerting some type of Force persuasion over him. She activated her double-bladed lightsaber and leapt over Methic’s head.

“What–?” Vette exclaimed as Methic lunged at her.

Jaesa sent a Force blast at Methic’s back, and he stumbled. Broonmark jumped in and grabbed him in a bear hug, trying to keep his arms pinned.

Jaesa turned and went for the Dread Masters. Bestia raised a hand and calmly sent a blast of lightning at Jaesa. She redirected it into the wall of the cave. Bestia drew her lightsaber and clashed with Jaesa. In two quick moves, the Dark Lord had Jaesa on the ground.

Suddenly a green lightsaber interposed itself in front of the red one, and Gareb shoved Bestia back. Jaesa sighed in relief and picked up her lightsaber to resume the fight.

* * *

Jasin leapt at Raptus, hoping to take out the leader and make the dark siders less effective. But Raptus’ second in command, brutish Styrak, leapt in front of Jasin and took the blow on his own lightsaber.

Jasin dropped to his feet, turned, and jabbed at Styrak’s side. The Dread Master blocked, turned, and sent a blast of Force energy at Jasin’s head. Jasin ducked, turned, and side-slashed at Styrak’s legs. The large Sith leapt over the blade and brought down his pommel on Jasin’s shoulder.

Jasin dropped, rolled, and came up with his saber in guard position just in time to absorb a bolt of Force lighting from Tyrans. He spun and sent the bolt toward Raptus. The leader held out his hand, absorbed the lightning, and suddenly the room around Jasin went completely black. He gasped in fear and raised his lightsaber against any potential block, but he realized it was a foolish move–not only could he not see, he could not sense the Dread Masters anymore, either. An attack could come from any direction.

So he stood still, closed his eyes, and felt for disturbances in the air. He detected two. He spun his lightsaber back to block the hot blade of Styrak and at the same time raised his left hand to absorb another bolt from Tyrans. This time, the redirected lightning found its mark, knocking Raptus off his feet. Jasin’s vision and senses instantly cleared.

Scourge and Kira were now in the middle of the fray, Scourge dueling Calphayus and Kira dueling Brontes. And around the corner…

Jasin grinned, spun, and slashed again at Styrak. It caught the Dark Lord off guard for a moment, plenty of time for Ylenia to run her lightsaber through his gut. Unfortunately the Dark Lord sensed it coming and leapt to the side, and Jasin had to block Ylenia’s blow to keep from being impaled by his ally.

“This isn’t going well,” Ylenia noted.

“No,” Jasin replied, “it’s not.”

* * *

Tran’thar entered the chamber and saw chaos. Methic was struggling against his own men, trying to free himself from the steel grasp of Broonmark and Pierce, while Jaesa and Gareb dueled Bestia. Across the room, Jasin and his allies were engaging the other Dread Masters. Only Raptus was unoccupied.

“Methic’s being controlled by Raptus,” Xalek noted.

Tran’thar nodded as he realized Xalek was right. No wonder the other Dread Masters were going to such pains to keep the others off Raptus.

Tran’thar turned to Khem. “Eat Raptus.”

Khem nodded and charged in, vibrosword coming at Raptus’ throat. The Dark Lord raised a calm hand and sent Khem flying back into the wall. Gareb’s Trandoshan and his Padawan leapt in at Raptus in unison, and Styrak turned away from Jasin for a moment to blast them away.

“Okay then,” Tran’thar growled.

Igniting his lightsaber, he leapt in at Raptus. Bestia and Tyrans turned toward him and sent bolts of lightning at him, but he absorbed them and sent them at Raptus. Raptus blocked them, but by that time Tran’thar was only a few meters away from Raptus. With a swift move, he hit the Dread Master over the head with the pommel of his saber. Raptus dropped to the floor and ignited his blade, but the desired result had been brought about.

* * *

Methic froze in confusion as Styrak and Tyrans turned into Broonmark and Pierce. What was this, a trick?

No, he realized. The trick was that he’d been fighting the Dread Masters. With a start, he realized he’d nearly killed Jaesa and Vette, and he hung his head in shame.

“I’m all right now, guys,” he said. “Let me go.”

Broonmark started to comply, but Pierce held up a hand, signaling him to wait, and turned to Quinn.

“Colonel? You want to examine him?”

Quinn came over, pulled out a brain scanner, and waved it over Methic’s head. He nodded.

“He’s clean,” Quinn said.

Broonmark let got. Methic sighed in relief and bent over to pick up his lightsabers. The fighting across the room was fierce, he realized. Dread Forces had been pouring in, occupying Havoc Squad and the other non-Force sensitives. He realized that was what the Dread Masters wanted. Well, then, they’d get exactly what they wanted.

Igniting his lightsaber, Methic leapt across the room.

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03.03.2013 , 02:06 PM | #42
Chapter 29

Dread Masters’ gathering point
115 days ABDK

Jasin sidestepped Styrak’s next blow, and suddenly Methic was slamming into the Sith Lord’s back. Styrak toppled over, and he and Methic dropped their lightsabers. Jasin lost track of the two of them, except for swung fists and violent kicks. He reached out with the Force and ripped Styrak off Methic, slamming the big man into the wall.

Methic stood and picked up his lightsabers. Jasin stood beside him, ready to advance. Suddenly, Styrak waved a hand, and there were four of him. Jasin stumbled back in surprise. Methic did not fall for it, he just leapt in and dismembered all four. But as the Force affection began to clear, Jasin realized that none of them had been the actual Styrak. The real Sith Lord had moved away to assist Raptus against Darth Nox.

“Come on,” Jasin said to Methic.

Methic nodded in agreement, and they moved in to help Darth Nox.

* * *

Gareb lunged at Bestia and was thankful he’d spent so much time practicing his lightsaber form lately. Bestia was clearly a master of the Force, and she could redirect every Force power Gareb sent at her.

Jaesa lunged in behind her, attempting to spear her on the end of her double-bladed lightsaber. With a laugh, Bestia blocked the blow and stepped out of the way, causing Gareb and Jaesa to topple into each other. Bestia raised her hand for a killing blow.

Suddenly, a blaster bolt whizzed by and slammed into Bestia’s forearm. She cried out in agony. Colonel Quinn stepped forward and fired again, and this time the shot hit her gut. Bestia retreated, and Quinn ran over to help Jaesa up.

* * *

Mako and Torian led the others into the room. Mako’s eyes widened as she saw the fight going on inside. More lighting and hurled air was flying around the room than blaster bolts. Mako had never seen anything like it.

“Stay here,” Torian commanded roughly. “You and the baby are the most important things right now. Gault! Stay with her.”

Gault nodded. Mako started to protest, but Torian did not give her a chance; he charged in with Blizz and Gault.

She sighed. “Gault…are we going to win this?”

Gault sighed grimly. “I don’t know.”

“That’s what I thought.”

* * *

Tran’thar had caught Raptus by surprise, but now the Sith Lord was coming back with a vengeance. Tran’thar knew he would not last long without help.

Thankfully, Khem Val was a very sturdy beast, and he was back in the fight before Tran’thar would have expected.

Raptus seemed confused by Khem, who seemed to grow stronger as he absorbed the Force energy Raptus sent at him. Indeed, Khem was even now beating Raptus back against the wall.

Tran’thar grinned in relief and sent a few stray bolts of Force lightning at Raptus to distract him. But then there was a flash of red smoke, and Raptus was gone. Khem snarled in confusion.

“Force cloak,” Tran’thar said. “I don’t know how I know that…”

“Dread Masters,” rumbled Raptus’ voice. “To me!”

Suddenly Raptus was visible again, in the center of the room. He sent out a Force wave that knocked everyone off their feet. The five Dread Masters joined Raptus in the center of the room.

“We have grown weak,” Styrak said.

“We cannot continue this fight,” Bestia agreed.

“Another time, then,” Raptus said through grated teeth. “Another time.”

Tran’thar was inclined to let them go, but apparently the brown-haired Jedi didn’t agree. He hurled his lightsaber toward Raptus.

Busy cloaking his comrades, Raptus did not have the chance to avoid the blow. The blue blade took off his arm at the shoulder. Raptus cried out in rage, but there was a flash of red smoke and the Dread Masters were gone, leaving only the smoking husk of Raptus’ arm on the ground.

“We did it,” Tran’thar said. “We won!”

“Not yet,” Methic replied.

* * *

Mako’s eyes widened in horror as the chamber began to collapse. Dha, Torian, and the others inside began to pull out. Gault grabbed her by the arm and tugged her away.

“Wait!” she said. “We have to wait for Dha!”

“No!” Gault growled. “Listen! You have to have that baby, hear? Dha would kill me if I put him over you.”

Tears formed in Mako’s eyes, but she nodded. “Okay, let’s go.”

The tunnel around them was already starting to collapse, but Mako was relieved as several of the others began to catch up, and even pass, them.

She could already see the light at the end of the tunnel as a rock came crashing down on Gault’s leg.

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03.06.2013 , 11:28 AM | #43
Chapter 30

Collapsing mine, Mandalore
115 days ABDK

Quinn ran through the cave, hearing the rocks collapse behind him. He knew they needed to get out of here, now. He grabbed Jaesa by the shoulder and ran with her.

A rock fell in front of her and she shrieked in surprise. Quinn pulled her around and kept running. They’d never make it, he saw. There was no way they would ever be able to get to the exit before the entire mine imploded.

So, Quinn decided that there were more important things than his own life. Methic and the others were already out, all except Jaesa.

With a quick shove, he sent Jaesa flying out of the cave. He felt a moment’s peace before a rock slammed down on his spine and he saw black.

* * *

Gault saw Mako stop beside him and cursed the girl for a fool. She had a baby, didn’t she know that? She was endangering that poor soul!

“Get out of here, blast you!” he yelled.

Of course, Mako being Mako, she ignored him. Finally, with an angry growl, he grabbed her forcefully and pushed her away.

“Go!” he said. His face softened into sadness. “Tell the baby his Uncle Gault died like a hero.”

Tears poured down Mako’s cheeks, but she only nodded, turned, and ran. Gault sighed in relief and lay back to await the end.

* * *

Tran’thar’s crew had made it out of the cave before it collapsed…all except for Khem Val, and Tran’thar himself.

Tran’thar pushed on, hoping he or Khem could push the rocks open and get out. But suddenly a rock fell and smacked him straight between the lekku, and he was out.

* * *

Jasin stopped outside and looked around. His entire crew had gotten out, he saw to his relief, as had Gareb’s and Dankin’s, and Havoc Squad.

But Methic was holding a weeping Jaesa while Vette patted her back comfortingly, and Jasin was pretty sure he knew what that meant. He went over to speak to his brother.

* * *

Dha looked around. Mako was safe, and Torian and Blizz and Skadge…where was Gault? He had been with Mako.

Dha glanced up at her. Tears fell down her cheeks, and he was sure he knew what it meant.

“Gault’s…still in there?” Skadge asked. He roared. “NO! We’re a family!”

Dha’s eyes widened in surprise as Skadge charged the collapsed mine.

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Chapter 31

Collapsed mine, Mandalore
115 days ABDK

Darth Nox awoke and felt a searing pain between his eyes. He sat up and rubbed his head. Why in blazes was he in a cave? Last thing he remembered, he had been confronting Methic, when…

Oh. And then he’d lost his memory and fought the Dread Masters, and now he was trapped in a caved-in tunnel with Khem.

“Blast you, Khem, wake up!”

Khem shuddered. “Lord Nox?”

Nox rolled his eyes. “Of course, you moron! Who did you think I was?”

Khem made a grating sound that Nox realized was laughter.

“Good to have you back, Little Sith.”

“Good to be back,” Nox said. “Now, let’s see about getting out of this cave, shall we?”

* * *

Jaesa tried to calm herself and prepare for the worst as she lifted the rocks blocking the mine with the Force. She hoped Quinn was alive, but she knew chances of such a thing were slim. She felt herself begin to tear up at the thought.

Nearby, a large Houk was snarling in rage and beating ineffectually at the rocks, trying to get in.

“Come on,” Jaesa panted. “Come…on!”

Finally, enough of a space opened that she could see in, but it was too dark to tell if Quinn was nearby or not. Then she sensed danger in the Force and flattened the Houk with a gentle push before throwing herself to the ground. The rubble exploded outward.

And Darth Nox and his pet Dashade stood at the entrance.

“Methic!” Nox snarled.


* * *

Ashara looked up in relief as Tran’thar and Khem Val exited the cave, but her relief was smashed when she saw the Twi’lek’s yellow eyes, and heard his rage.

Darth Nox was back.

She ran up to him and hugged him anyway, trying to divert his anger. He hugged her a little, and then gently but firmly grabbed her arms and moved her aside. She sighed and stepped back, waiting to see how this would play out.

Nox and Methic stepped toward each other. Before Methic could react, Nox sent a blast of Force energy at Methic, sending the Sith Lord flying. Methic’s brother and cousin ignited their lightsabers, but Nox held up a hand.

“No,” he said. “Debt paid, for now. I leave in peace. Khem, Ashara, come.”

Ashara sighed in relief and followed Nox away from the mine.

Jaesa ran into the open mine and knelt beside Quinn’s broken and battered body. He was lying on his stomach, a large boulder on his back. His head was turned to the side, his eyes closed and blood crusting on his forehead.


* * *

Jaesa pushed the rock off his back and wrapped his right arm around her neck, putting her left arm under his armpit. She couldn’t feel him breathing and she despaired that he was dead.

Then he sputtered out a cough. “Jaesa…?”

“Quinn,” she said in relief.

“I…saved you,” he said. “Good…”

He passed out, and Jaesa hurried to get him out into the open air.

* * *

Dha walked up to Gault with Mako at his side. Gault had a large rock resting on his chest, and it was clear that his ribs had caved in. His other horn was broken off, making him look like a bad artist’s portrayal of a Devaronian female. Dha sighed and knelt down, putting a closed fist to his friend’s head.

“Thank you,” he said. He paused as he felt something under his fist. “Wait…he’s alive, Mako!”

Mako held a hand to her mouth, gasping. Dha swiftly picked up Gault in an emergency carry hold.

“Find a surgeon,” he said.

“On it,” she replied.

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Chapter 32

Silent Sun cantina, Coruscant
130 days ABDK

Sitting around the same table they’d occupied so long ago, Jasin, Gareb, Dankin, Pudii, and Backblast discussed the battle of Mandalore in a mixture of relief and worry.

The Dread Masters were obviously still out there, so they could not quite relax. On the bright side, their leader had suffered a tremendous blow at the hands of Jasin, and they would likely go into seclusion until he recovered. Also, Sydin, the Jedi they had undercover in the Dread Masters’ ring, was still alive and well.

“All in all, a victory,” Gareb said.

“But at what cost?” Prudii asked. “I talked to Dha before we left. One of his good friends was injured in the cave-in while saving Dha’s wife and unborn child. He’s still in a coma.”

Dankin shook his head in sympathy. “Poor blighter. You couldn’t ask for a better way to die…or a worse one.”

“So,” Backblast said. “What’s happening now?”

“The Gree have landed on Ilum,” Jasin said. “I’m sure Gareb and I will go meet them, but we probably won’t stay long because the Council is dedicating a specific Jedi to negotiate with the Gree.”

“Also,” Gareb added, “there have been signs of the Dread Masters on the Hutt world Varl, and the Hutt Cartels are stirring up trouble on a world called Makeb.”

“That’s where I’m headed next,” Dankin said. “Got to follow the business. I’ll keep you guys in the know.”

“Appreciate it,” Prudii said. “Good luck.”

Dankin nodded, downed his drink, and turned to leave.

“Havoc Squad is being assigned to the Gree on Ilum, too,” Prudii said. “We’d better get moving.”

“And my people are going to provide extra intel on Makeb,” Backblast added. “If it comes down to trouble, you guys will be the first to know.”

The two of them left, and Jasin and Gareb were alone at the table. With a sigh, Jasin swallowed another gulp of his drink and sat back from the table.

“Ilum, Varl, Makeb…” Gareb said. “The galaxy is headed for a dark direction. We’ll have to get involved soon.”

Jasin nodded. “I know. Let’s get our crews together and visit the Gree, and then we’ll contact the Council and see if we can help on Varl and Makeb.”

Fury-class interceptor
Imperial space
130 days ABDK

Methic stood with Jaesa and looked into the medbay. Quinn lay on the table, recovering. Jaesa had been relieved that he was safe, but had insisted that Methic not leave her side until Quinn woke up.

“It’s getting late,” he said at last. “Vette will kill me if I don’t come to bed soon, and you need your rest too.”

“I know,” Jaesa replied. “But, one more thing before you go. Thank you, Methic.”


“Thank you. You proved your intentions were true. I trust you wholly now, though I suppose I always did. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

As Methic turned and left her, he considered what would happen next. The Dark Council had “suggested” that he join Nox on Ilum with the Gree, but he was not so sure he was comfortable being within a system of Nox. He shook his head.

No matter. He could decide in the morning. Pulling his gloves off, he went to get a good night’s sleep.

* * *

Dha held Mako for a long time, staring through the transparisteel at the broken form of his friend. Dha determined that whatever Gault wanted from now on, Dha would supply it, for Gault had saved his child. Gault should find his old love Hylo Visz.

Mako and Dha turned to leave the hospital. Dha gave Gault a brief nod of thanks. The Devaronian would have a prosthetic horn attached to his left socket, but Dha had requested they keep the right socket empty, for old times’ sake.

“Wait!” someone said. “A message addressed to Dha!”

Dha turned and saw a young boy in light Mandalorian armor approaching with a small handheld holocom.

“What?” he asked.

“He is waking up,” the boy said. “The doctor says you can talk to him for a second.”

Dha rushed back to the room, Mako hot on his heels. Gault sat up and glanced at Dha through a black eye.

“You really thought I was dead?” Gault asked. He laughed. “Do me a favor. Find Hylo for me?”

Dha nodded to the image of his friend, feeling a lump rise in his throat. He tried to push it down, to no effect, and tears welled in his eyes.

“Oh, and Dha? I’m not going to die, okay?”

Dha nodded. “I promise you, Gault,” he said quietly.

Gault nodded and finally laid his head back on his pillow, closed his eyes, and went to sleep. Dha and Mako quietly exited the room.

“So…where do we go from here?” Mako asked.

“First,” Dha said, “we go home, because you’re due soon. After the baby is born, we’ll go find the most likely place a smuggler could be found.”


“Right now?” Dha said. “Makeb.”

The two of them walked off together, leaving the sleeping Devaronian to rest at peace.


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Pleeeease tell me there's gonna be more when RotHC comes out.

amazing read. spent a while cathing up on this: SO WORTH IT
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Quote: Originally Posted by Bird_of_Thunder View Post
Pleeeease tell me there's gonna be more when RotHC comes out.

amazing read. spent a while cathing up on this: SO WORTH IT

I may well write more after I finish playing the expansion, but it may take a while, because the Microsoft Word I have currently installed on my computer is only a one-month trial, so I'll have to get a full version before I can continue writing. Rest assured, I'll find a way even if I have to write it with pen and paper!