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Why people solo when they can group?

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Why people solo when they can group?

Rerednaw's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 09:16 AM | #81
Since my previous post I have accepted a few more invites. Here is how they went.

Tython. I am finishing up the scan 6 seeker droid slay 15. A knight shows up and also starts slaying bots. He throws out a blind invite and I think "Oh he must want to finish the slay # quest done."
I accept and he immediately runs into the tunnel for his class quest. And then I find out's because he is only level 4 and cannot finish his quest because he is 3 levels too low. I help him anyway (my consular is 7) and he never says thank you or offers to help with any other quest.

I should add that I can do the quest he was stuck on under levelled but unless you are deliberately skipping about 2/3 of the content, there is no reason to be under levelled on the newbie planet.

So basically he wanted a tanking / dps pet but could not wait till he got T7.

Tatooine: Search and Rescue.

Player spamming for a group. I joined. Party gave up and left after wiping, one player commenting on how I cannot tank. I did point out that having 2 healers dps only along with the dps while I am trying to hold off 6 is not a formula for success. Mind you during that time they did not drop a single mob. Also rezzing me after I held aggro so they could flee would have been nice. But no biggie. I went back the next day and soloed the heroic.

And yes, I still accept invites

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01.04.2013 , 09:37 AM | #82
I have to most of the time. just when I group for a H4 my kids start going bonkers. or the phone starts ringing like mad. we live in a fast moving world, and trying to find a solid hour to play is almost impossible for me. when i solo i can just jump up and fix the issues that's stopping me from playing, jump back to the game no worries. the minute i group ***** hits the fan for some reason.

Sith Happens.

SWTOR Episode I - A New Meme

psikofunkster's Avatar

01.04.2013 , 01:04 PM | #83
to avoid moaning and slow people? and newbies too?

dacentabaal's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 09:03 AM | #84
Quote: Originally Posted by DoctorJest View Post
1. I hate blind invites. If someone sends me an unsolicited invite, they will be declined, if they repeatedly send an invite over and over without preamble, they get ignored.

2. I prefer to RP while playing, especially when doing PVE. Without knowing if the other person feels the same, I won't accept. If the invite was preceded by an in character proposition of why we should work together, I'd be much more likely to accept.

3. PVE is too easy as it is. Playing PVE in a big group makes the game unchallenging.

4. As I play for RP, if someone has a non-Starwarsy name, especially a dumb joke or pop culture refrence, I wil not give them the time of day,

5. Part of RP for me is pacing. I can proceed at my own pace, and other players who throw out blind invites may not share that.

So I generally solo or play with a friend.
This ^
Pretty much just summed it up for me right there, im glad im not alone here

Akiviri's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 09:32 AM | #85
Quote: Originally Posted by Rerednaw View Post
I went back the next day and soloed the heroic.
More fun that way anyway

Quote: Originally Posted by Rerednaw View Post
And yes, I still accept invites
Slow Learner huh?

Kidding Good for you - for me, Thanx, but no thanx - even though you DO get some good stories out of it. If I want to burn time I'll go boss hunting or solo a couple instances

Jaden_Antilles's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 01:06 PM | #86
So I'm new to the game (started in Dec as F2P and quickly went sub (payday)) and my first char is a knight. Now being new to the game I thought it would be best to solo play as much as possible so I could learn the class and various game mechanics (my first mmo too ). I also wanted to experience the complete storyline without having someone in the group jump down my throat about taking my time to listening to the story. My knight is almost 45 now and I'm loving the game.

I have another char (shadow) that is done only in group with my brother (sage). We will invite others if they need help, or if we're going to do a heroic 4 we'll ask for help if we fail to pass it on our own. So far most of the players we have met are friendly, we've only had to kick a player from the group on two occasions for being complete ******es. My shadow is almost 30 and I'm still loving the game. Having a "group toon" and a "solo toon" has worked out great for me.

I also have a sith inquisitor that is level 30 where I am a hybrid solo/group player.

Random invites to a group are declined most of the time (especially on my knight) because I have no idea why I'm being invited. If I'm asked to help most of the time I will (unless I'm on a time crunch), if I'm asked if i need help most of the time I will politely decline for the time being and will ask them if I can call on them if i do need help after all.

Defecter's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 01:41 PM | #87
Personally, I tend to enjoy soloing more, because from personal experience (sadly) I've found that many people just aren't 'fun' to play with. These are my top reasons (not in any meaningful order);

  • Mute people. Seriously, if you group with someone and I ask a simple question such as 'Do you mind if I listen to the conversations instead of skipping through them?' or something, at least have the courtesy to say something back. I'm not asking for your life's story, just a simple answer will do.
  • Seriously bad chat etiquette. English isn't my first language either and I don't expect Oxford grade literary excellence. Far from it actually. If you honestly try to communicate, even in broken English, I will really appreciate it and I really won't act like a grammar nazi. But even a little bit of 'l33t' or 'facebook' speak without it being a joke and you're on my ignore list (pet peeve 'o mine).
  • Ninja looters. They are everywhere. Simple suggestion; if you are going to need on everything for all your companions, just say so in advance. I'll simply do the same and we can all be friends. Though, I usually don't 'Need' on companion stuff unless I really need an upgrade and even then I ask first.
  • People with Jersey Shore levels of intellect and social grace. Last night I did a Black Talon run on a new alt and a guy literally said 'WE'RE EMPIRE! WE **** JEDIS IN DA *** WITH SHOVELS!' during the first conversation. Need I say more on this point?
  • Elitist gamers. Got a suggestion for me on how to improve my gameplay? I'm all ears! I welcome suggestions such as those! Want to insult me for not living up to your supposedly perfect level of skill? Welcome to my ignore list and watch me pull the entire room of elite mobs on you for being a you-know-what. Or when I'm in the mood, I intentionally play like a complete tard just to watch them go nuclear.

There are more reasons, but I won't bore you guys any further. And I really don't think I have high standards or anything. I just wish there was more common courtesy in MMOs.

Sadly, a large part of random grouping in my past 10+ years of MMOs, has taught me that I'm better off solo or with friends/guildies than random groups. The only time I consider grouping up with random unknown people is if they are a guild group and/or they politely ask/respond for a group request. Sadly, that doesn't happen too often.

God, I feel like a grumpy old man now.

dacentabaal's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 08:59 PM | #88
Quote: Originally Posted by Defecter View Post
[*]Ninja looters. They are everywhere. Simple suggestion; if you are going to need on everything for all your companions, just say so in advance. I'll simply do the same and we can all be friends
Even on HM's now with ninja's I hessitate my "Greed" decision until ive seen what everyone else has rolled.. if I see a single "Need" then in turn I Need also, and as you can trade in your group with players on items picked up in the group if I win the roll I ask the other person needing why he needed it (if they already havnt had a hissy fit over me needing) then if I dont need it put it up to the rest of the players for alts or comps etc, It may annoying teh other players in the group but I need on needers to piss them off.. even more so if I win the roll

Fatalllll's Avatar

01.05.2013 , 10:01 PM | #89
people dont spacebar thru videos.

other then that when playinga non 50 toon i have about a 20% chance for the flashpoint que to give me a decent group, and in open world i have about a 5% chance to join a group that i do not vote to kick 1-2 useless players in. ends up not being worth my time xp per hour wise or enjoyment wise.

NeuroniaSW's Avatar

01.06.2013 , 12:29 AM | #90
Quote: Originally Posted by internaty View Post

Why people solo in a mmo period?
After all if you want to play alone play a singeplayer game.

I am awaiting your responses.
Getting to this late but I solo because I like reading the text/hearing the dialogue, exploring and going at my own pace. I have a "Pair" character with a friend so we eitehr team together on those or solo till we are even.

I am playing this because it's a Star Wars MMO, the multiplayer aspect is great for chatting and meeting people but there aren't (from what I have seen) any global chat channels outside general, PvP, Market...if we could make a global channel and invite people/mod it would be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G, but that's neither here nor there.

Also, I take care of an elderly person that might need attention at a moment's notice so I can't really join a group, say "brb care needs giving" then afk for 15-30 minutes, really rude to the team leader. MMOs are nice where I can progress on my own but help others and chat with others when I feel like it.