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Credit Transfer to Begeren Colony

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Credit Transfer to Begeren Colony

Cujx's Avatar

12.24.2012 , 09:24 AM | #1
I'm looking to transfer any amount of credits up to a max of 3.5 mil to Begeren Colony server. So if you have credits on that server and need credits on this server (Jedi Covenant) then please reply here or send an ingame mail to CUJ on either server and we can arrange the swap. I've already done 500k so far just would like to get the rest off the server that I no longer play. Thanks.

CUJ - 50 Shadow on Jedi Covenant
CUJ - 50 Bounty Hunter on Begeren Colony
Stupidhk - 10 Sage on Begeren Colony if you dont have an Imp char to mail Cuj.
I have no Imp chars on Jedi Covenant but I can create one for the swap if you Imp guys wanna trade.