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Tanking question

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12.23.2012 , 03:21 AM | #11
Thanks Kitru for detailed analysis..
One more question please - what is better to have:
1. 30% Defence Chance, 50% Absorb
2. 25% Defence Chance, 60% Absorb
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12.23.2012 , 09:54 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by Missandei View Post
1. 30% Defence Chance, 50% Absorb
2. 25% Defence Chance, 60% Absorb
It depends on what your Shield chance is. Assuming it's not below 50% (where the two equations break even) the higher Absorb is better; with a 65% Shield chance (which is pretty much standard for top geared Shadows), the first loadout equates to 52.75% mitigation whereas the second equates to 54.25% mitigation.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Fende View Post
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12.23.2012 , 05:46 PM | #13
In terms of stacking HP vs stacking mitigation I'd like to reference this post:

Tam and I did some analysis of how likely you are to actually see a string of 9 unmitigated attacks, the death point for a Shadow using average numbers. The probability for a 61 geared Shadow tank stacking mitigation (aka, the lowest possible probability for a Shadow) is a whopping 4% each fight. That means if you clear NiM EC, HM TFB and NMP each week, one shotting every boss, you'll see it about once every fortnight. Using Tam's average numbers it also takes 20 seconds for this to occur.

Now assuming no one is standing in the stupid and you aren't ignoring mechanics, that extra HP isn't helping. Arguably, more mitigation is actually better if people are standing in stupid because it gives the healer more time to recover while you require less healing. Alternatively, you can pop a CD for a bit and the entire debate becomes irrelevant.

Now, if you are solely tanking SC, stack HP all you want since mitigation does next to nothing in that circumstance.

Finally Leafy, you've mentioned your healers going OOM which supports they are bad as Kitru said. It's fine if your gearing helps cover their weaknesses and plays to their strengths, it's even encouraged. However, it doesn't make your way the best way. The best way is the way that works with your healer. If you ignore the healers input, it is mitigation hands down.
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12.24.2012 , 06:33 AM | #14
the first loadout equates to 52.75% mitigation whereas the second equates to 54.25%

...1.5 % difference when my relic does not proc is not a do or wipe scenario.

We have a few excellent theorycrafters in this game and happy to see they do this work for us. I have run multiple setups on my shadow, even the magic (30 def 65 shield chance and 60 absorb with 26k hp) , and I chose to go with something else. Without further ado, Merry Christmas and my contribution to this forum stops now.

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12.25.2012 , 01:26 PM | #15
Shocking how often the people presenting "best" practices based on gut feel and anecdotes peace out when people with data show up.

Any strategy that leads to consistent success is viable, and is worth considering. The ones backed by data as optimal are usually the best starting point, and then one can adjust from there to account for objective reality.

Astoundingly, this is exactly what most math crafters say, and seat-of-the-pants fliers consistently find this message offensive.

Realistically, a sub-optimal setup is not so bad that it is easy to cost-justify a total overhaul. Once already geared, it's probably easiest to sit on the non-optimal setup until an upgrade opportunity comes along unless money is no object.

All that said, I would not recommend an END-biased build to a newly gearing Shadow/Sin. Start from mitigation and go from there.