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Future Patches on Hold now?

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12.18.2012 , 11:29 PM | #21
This gets worse every day, and is fast becoming a format I can't stomach. Putting things like a new race in the cash shop that people will have to buy on top of a subscription is not acceptable, and makes me want to see this game burned to the ground along with the corporation.

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12.19.2012 , 03:33 AM | #22
Quote: Originally Posted by philrowen View Post
This is not logic. It is assumptions not based on evidence.
How do you figure there is no evidence to support this? Content creation is done months and some times years in advance.

June 2012: Makeb, HK-51, and all Asation content announced as "coming soon" at E3.
July 2012: Free to Play announced.
August 2012: Asation WZ fully playable at both Gamescon and Tokyo Gameshow
September 2012: Asation content inexplicably split up. 1.4 launches with operation only.
October 2012: Asation daily area launched, still no WZ that was playable in August. F2P launches.
December 2012: Asation wz launches. Makeb content that was announced as a general content update by devs at E3 because "it is not a true expansion" is advertised to cost $10-$20.

It is so blatantly obvious what is happening here. Makeb, HK-51 quest, and Makeb were all already in the pipeline prior to the announcement of F2P as general content updates for the first 12-15 months of the game. They were already being made and in the pipeline prior to the decision to move to F2P.

F2P launches and content for sale is needed quickly. Because that content has yet to be created, content already in the pipeline is moved from general release to pay content. Because of the gap in content releases and early trouble Asation content remained free for subscribers but for sale for F2P'ers. In order to hit their 6 week content release schedule, Asation is split up into three patches, 1.4-1.6, rather than one patch containing all corresponding content. (For example, 1.2 included a new Op, daily area, and WZ that were all based on the Denova story line. All content from 1.4-1.6 is based on the Asation story line but was split up to spread out the content over time.) Then Makeb is pulled from general release and made into pay content even though "it is not a true expansion".

They are milking us. And by their own presentation we know of no other content in the pipeline except for the rumored space project, which may have just been the new missions we got in 1.6 and the re-release of Ilum that has no release window and may be tied to this "expansion".

I have no problem paying for an expansion. What I have a problem with is them presenting content 6 months ago as general release content because by their own admission it is not a full expansion and then deciding they will charge for it because they chose to switch pay methods on their customers. Then to boot they Alison Berryman confirmed today that CC will not be able to be used to purchase the expansion further sticking it to subscribers.

If content is to be released every six weeks, and you give them a break because of the holidays, and the "expansion" will be out in Spring, which probably means mid-April to late May, then you at minimum have one six week content window mid to late February. If Ilum is not attached to the "expansion," as it should not be because that was launch game content that BW broke, and they can relaunch it in that window then that is likely the only content we will see from now until this expansion.

The evidence is clearly there and it is most certainly based on logic. However, one can chose to ignore it.
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