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Team Killing Rewards

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Team Killing Rewards

Thyvokka's Avatar

12.18.2012 , 06:12 PM | #1
As a team of players I believe we should be rewarded when we work together to accomplish a goal. In WAR tanks used an ability that protected those behind them so ranged could them be effective and healers could use formations and ranks to strategically take objectives. I feel that this is a good mechanic.

I think instead of rewarding the Me-ism of modern day online gaming, we as game developers and programers should reward players for working together in PVP to achieve goals. taking "keeps" and objectives in the game and then having those that take them and put in the effort reap the rewards.

Planets should have war zones and lines that change with the changing objectives. I would like to see AT AT walkers on the battlefield and I would like to see Space fights between players make the taking of a planet a phase like in the movies there's a space battle followed by a ground landing and battle. With tanks and walkers. This is the true spirit of Star wars and the galactic struggle and I feel that we have all the pieces in place to make this happen