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Looking for a bit've criticism and advice

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Looking for a bit've criticism and advice

Hiro_Wildfire's Avatar

12.18.2012 , 06:03 PM | #1
Hiya, relatively new powertech here looking into trying out a new build that doesn't involve the TD in the tree and mainly uses the dot's and rail shots to do its work.

I was just looking for some opinions and such on it. Will it work in pvp?, will it be fun to play? or an I barking up the wrong tree with this?

UGLYMRJ's Avatar

12.18.2012 , 06:22 PM | #3
Where to begin...

People run AP/pyro hybrids... more for fun in regs since it's not viable for rated as far as I know. But here's the problems I see with it as is.

1. heat management is going to suck... pull the 2 points out of infrared sensors and put them into gyroscopic alignment jets.

2. Retractable blade bleed effect doesn't DOT that hard. Pulling the 3 points out of the 15% increase could be better put elsewhere. Rain of fire and Rail loaders for example.

3. Pulling the 3 points out of the retractable blade DOT would also allow you to pull 2 points out of Power armor... which could be better placed elsewhere like rain of fire and rail loaders again and now with these free points... even intimidation. Putting points into something like power armor on a squishy DPS class isn't ideal. It won't make a noticeable difference to survivability. But moving those points WILL make a noticeable difference to your DPS which is what PT's are good at.

Just the first things that stood out to me. I'm sure there's some others but those are huge. And again... while this could be a fun spec to play and you wouldn't be the first to play a AP/Pyro hybrid. It's not optimal for DPS. There are some specs that run into the shieldtech tree and full pyro or AP but you could get more bang for your buck playing a full pyro spec or even AP.

DeepFreese's Avatar

12.18.2012 , 06:28 PM | #4
I ran this spec once. It was a lot of fun, managing procs and such. Full pyro is better, but if you're interested in having fun...
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