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8 Jedi Knights.

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12.18.2012 , 07:28 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Ramtar View Post
Looking closer at the photo: It looks like there are 2-3 Watchman Sentinels because to the healing. This has to be 10-49 PvP because your team has 4 BH and the highest damage done by 1 is 127K.
Yeah except look at the level of the person taking the screenshot. And the fact that he has the level 50 weekly.

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12.18.2012 , 07:37 PM | #22

There are SO many people rolling sorc on my server, it's absolutely crazy. Run around on Korriban and Dromund Kaas and you almost exclusively see sorcerer.

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12.18.2012 , 07:38 PM | #23
The primary problem is crapy matchmaking. Its the source of evil. It doesnt even try to balance teams class wise. Why same function pug vs pug, no premades, one ide gets 3 helers while other doesnt...
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Scatter Bombs are meant to be a fun bit of extra damage that occurs when you roll into or away from the action. That said, we’re okay with you trapping an unsuspecting enemy for a “wall bang” every now and then.