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SWTOR One Year On - Good Times /Bad Times

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SWTOR One Year On - Good Times /Bad Times

hillerbees's Avatar

12.18.2012 , 06:33 AM | #1
Good Times:

The day I rolled my first character - then Greeneyes (now Greeniyis) and immersed myself in the wonderful 3D environment.

The day I reached level 14 - Sprint !!!!!!!

The day I launched my second character Sickboy (now Siickboy) and fell head over heals in love with Mako!

The Rakgoul Plague - the nervousness as my players got infected, their eyes glowed, green slime and gunge smouldering from their body and not knowing just when I would explode and how gross it was gonna look. Should I inject the antedote or infect the entire fleet...those were the decisions to make while grinding for the given rewards. Highlight of the game so far - all too short lived.

The first time I got some columi gear on EV Storymode

The server merges round 1 - repopulating the servers - a shot in the arm for us all.

Bad Times:

Population fall off once the Christmas period finished and people went back to their real lives

The delay in recognising and addressing the above problem

The level of criticism being bandied around the forums needlessly in many cases. (Chat bubble freaks and same sex romancers are you listening?)

Server merges 2 - not done with the same care and understanding as the 1st time and a refusal to allow you to change a name of one character out of the 16 owned.

The extreme slow down of responses to in game tickets

The announcement of Free to Play - I have a bad feeling about this

Cartel Coins

Fireworks and Fairy Lights - I let off some on a snowy peak on Alderann for my 5 year old's birthday - she has Down Syndrome. Her underwhelmed response was "No ..... Cake"

The fact that there is no world event planned for over the holiday period - a real kick in the nuts and a missed opportunity to show off this games possitives

On balance - a game I still love but want to love even more. I want to brag about the fact that I play this game not be embarrased telling people I play it. Bioware we are with you but please don't desert US!!

FattyMcElbows's Avatar

12.18.2012 , 08:47 AM | #2

The title crawl and John Williams score when you first start a character.
An involving story for most classes.
Developing emotional attachments to Mako, Kaliyo, Khem Val, T7, Qyzen-Fess, and Vette.
The sound of a dozen lightsabers being lit as my group prepared to take down a world boss.
I'm kind of, sort of still having fun. Enough fun, at least, to keep paying for a sub for the immediate future.

Um . . .
While I could provide a litany of the same complaints that have been repeated here and elsewhere ad nauseum, the primary problem I have is that it seems Bioware blundered blindly into a series of cascading failures of decision-making and game-design. How are they going to expand class stories? Will they be able to introduce new classes, races, or crew skills? Is it even possible to explore fresh design space with a stagnant, stifling game engine and on-rails, claustrophobic game-design?

The modicum of success The Old Republic has achieved says more about the strength of the Star Wars brand than it does about the quality of the game.

Special mention to fireworks, quickslot bars, Ord Mantell, Aric Jorgen, Coruscant, and, that whiny lkjhasdfer, Corso Riggs.