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Ancient Hypergates Opinion - Elite Warlord

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Ancient Hypergates Opinion - Elite Warlord

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12.20.2012 , 06:40 AM | #51
To add my valuable contribution to this thread .... the new wz sux so bad i simply pray it does not pop for me.

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12.20.2012 , 06:46 AM | #52
while it being heavy related to kills, it punishes sillyness to hard.
every time I see my team is not doing to well on killing part, I go and ninja enemy gate. one round with their gate dead = win.
dunno why, but usually, if second round other team is higher score, they think we suck and leave no one to guard... silly. just silly.
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12.20.2012 , 08:56 AM | #53
Quote: Originally Posted by Riggz View Post
They need to make a patch to where orbs mean more than kills

What I mean is - if one team is getting tons of kills but ignoring balls, while other team dies alot but captures the balls, the second team wins.

It would be nice to see a dev comment on what they think about all this and there goals with the warzone
Something definitely needs to change about the orbs. Between the cast time to get one, how easily you are interrupted, and the long walk back to your node, they are simply a waste of time that would be better spent deathmatching.
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12.20.2012 , 02:51 PM | #54
Quote: Originally Posted by PoliteAssasin View Post
Yeah that explains why the wz narrator gives us instructions to only kill.
All I know is every media release I've heard about this place, including that latest interview with the PVP dev, calls the warzone more of a death match oriented warzone. My understanding is it's even basically a direct copy of a War Hammer zone where the main point was, you guessed it, Team Death Match.

Again, you don't have to like it, and it definitely favors teams with healers vs those who don't even moreso perhaps than other warzones, but you can't pretend that they hadn't said it was gonna be a deathmatch warzone months before release.
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12.20.2012 , 06:09 PM | #55
Your pulling that out of your ***. They said this warzone was going to introduce "brand new mechanics" and that they were "excited" about these brand new mechanics. Keep telling yourself what you want to hear
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JediFlux's Avatar

12.21.2012 , 07:14 PM | #56
The more and more you play it you see that taking the balls to your side is pretty much useless. If you do that you probably are going to lose since then all your people at mid are going to all die a few times while people are spread out. It is a useless mechanic in normals. If this was ranked only I could understand the dynamic of the kills being important, however as it stands now in normals it is utterly silly the way the kill system works in a zone like this. Just eliminate it and make the balls the real way to score the points. It is the only logical way to make this thing less silly with the whole gear/composition thing meaning everything.
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MelliMelon's Avatar

12.21.2012 , 08:00 PM | #57
Yes, I don't even return balls anymore (unless it's to help guard a node) because with people leaving mid, it becomes so easy for the other team to dominate and get a bunch of free points.

funkhouse's Avatar

12.21.2012 , 08:05 PM | #58
Back in launch time i developed a hate for huttball until i got smart and learned the classes and not huttball is my favorite wz. This new garbage. I think the only way to make it even enjoyable for me would to have more people in it. OR make is smaller...seriously what the point of that marthon run to get the node capured then run to grab and orb then back......

Riggz's Avatar

12.21.2012 , 08:54 PM | #59
Melyn, Flux you guys need to tell me how this warzone is in ranked. I don't think I'll be getting to do ranked anytime soon soon curious lol
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JediFlux's Avatar

12.22.2012 , 01:22 AM | #60
The warzone works ok in ranked because teams tend to be made up of a good composition so there is not a huge kill disparity. The issue that we keep bringing up is the issue of normals. Normal queue is where this warzone with the kill system with points just makes very little sense.
Elite Warlord Flux - Ascension