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SWTOR is a paradise for the casual gamer

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SWTOR is a paradise for the casual gamer

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12.17.2012 , 11:00 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicKat View Post
Nope. All those things you mention are for hardcore MMO players.

Senseless grinds are for power gamers, completely different beast.
BS. Only way to define " casual player" in ways all can agree has to do with amount of time and effort he invests on playing the game or figuring the game out. What casual person DOES with his time in game varies greatly, just like it does on a HC player. (who, in turn can pretty much be defined only by amount of time he uses to play the game as well. )

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12.17.2012 , 11:01 AM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by CosmicKat View Post
Nope. All those things you mention are for hardcore MMO players.

Senseless grinds are for power gamers, completely different beast.
Agree. The casual gamers I know don't want to sit around in chairs or "tweak" the appearance of their armor. Quality of life means much less to a casual gamer in general because they don't spend countless hours hanging out in the game so to speak.

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12.17.2012 , 11:06 AM | #13
Couldn't agree more with you OP. +1
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12.17.2012 , 11:36 AM | #14

Share the same feelings. I'm able to log in for a couple hours here and there and can find more than enough to do.

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12.17.2012 , 12:40 PM | #15
Quote: Originally Posted by Stradlin View Post
Mountain of blood, ***** and agony casual player needs to climb in order to acquire good enough gear to be able to start learning how to pvp @50 is pretty massive in scale.
Have you tried L50 Warzones recently? After the leveling of Expertise, its much easier to be competitive right off the bat. People who grind WZs still have better gear, but its only slightly better.

For example: My Sentinel used to consistently rank in the top 25% of her team in WZs before reaching 50. She hit 50 a few weeks ago, and got routinely trashed by every single person: Snipers, Sorcs, Operatives running crew missions. She could only kill someone if they were already mostly dead. After they leveled Expertise on the PvP gear, she's hanging out in the middle of the rankings. Low gear still hurts her (she's just got 2 pieces of Battlemaster gear), but she can hold her own. WZs are fun again.

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12.17.2012 , 01:00 PM | #16
Game was designed for the casual. Working as intended and couldn't be happier!

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12.17.2012 , 01:07 PM | #17
OP, I couldn't agree more.
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12.17.2012 , 01:15 PM | #18
I agree, also. It's nice to just log on for an hour or two and accomplish so much. It lets people set their own pace and doesn't end up shafting those who don't have all day (or night) to game.
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12.17.2012 , 01:40 PM | #19
Quote: Originally Posted by Sotof View Post
No it's not. It lacks basic functionality such as appearance tab, chair sitting, cross-faction chat, addons, useful crafting skills, etc. The whole game invites to a senseless grind that only benefit the hardcore gamer.
If for useful crafting you mean it giving you the only access to BiS bop gear then no sorry, and no it doesn't give you a passive bonus for having a skill maxed. Crew skills are there to make money, thing that actually they do really well (except for the poor investigation). I wasn't this engaged in crafting since EVE and Fallen Earth.

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12.17.2012 , 01:41 PM | #20
I love that there are about 5 bosses per tier of raid content. Means I can actually do serious progression raiding 1 night a week. Just awesome
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