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The Life that's Left

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01.19.2013 , 03:56 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
Who thought to give a killing machine a personality anyway?
It's all Revan's fault xD.

An organic, a cyborg and a droid that have... strong feelings towards each other. This is getting better all the time. Meet the three known forms of life, coexisting... temporarily.

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01.19.2013 , 09:23 AM | #32
I've met some very fatalistic people along the way. Strangely enough they tend to live really long lives, lol.
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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01.19.2013 , 06:30 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by EverSteam View Post
There's nothing more you can do to me, Fate. There isn't a trump card you can play. I will keep running. I will keep running until I reach him. So hit me with your best. I dare you.
Oof. Just.. right there, in the feels.
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"How dreadfully spooky." -- Vesaniae's Darth Nox

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01.20.2013 , 08:44 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Mathemagica View Post
It's all Revan's fault xD.

An organic, a cyborg and a droid that have... strong feelings towards each other. This is getting better all the time. Meet the three known forms of life, coexisting... temporarily.
F-ing Revan lol
Yes, it's only a matter of time before that falls apart.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
I've met some very fatalistic people along the way. Strangely enough they tend to live really long lives, lol.
She is fatalistic, isn't she? I never thought about it. I gave up trying to have words to describe her
Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
Oof. Just.. right there, in the feels.

Spoiler warning for I.A Chapter 1 Nar Shaddaa story line all through really. There aren't spoiler warnings around it.
*breathes deep* Ok, here I go. *readies gun and puts it against head*


A week later...

I laugh at Liistot's jokes louder than I need to. Gault watches with amused derision from a dark corner, sipping on his wine near the door and watching. He's remained in the shadows all the time here and all the way to here. This isn't his territory. He doesn't want to pay the price.

I lean in to Ekayn and ask him if he has anything special, anything to make a poor defenceless woman stronger. He smiles and nods.

But before Ekayn can speak, he walks in. With a rattataki female of all things.

'You're alive? And here? Why the **** are you here?' I silently shout in my mind. I can't form any more distinct thoughts.

I don't let my shock show even though no one is watching me anymore. I keep it hidden as well as the strange warmth at seeing him so much... alive. His grey skin is just as pale as when I met him, a trait from his human father I suppose. He has grown his hair as well to cover the right side of his face and the burn scars that seep from the dark, far side of his face. The right eye is black but can only be a little seen from under the side long, navy fringe. His black shirt's high collar tries to hide the long masses of scars that circle it. It all falls just a little short of succeeding.

But he's just as handsome as before. He was only sixteen then but already a man. I just don't think I ever really noticed before.

So this is your trump card. You're best. Well... f*ck you.

I don't know how I can run through this. My future just became a blank slate.

His eyes linger neutrally on mine for only a moment before walking closer to the Liistot siblings. Smart. His eyes glance to the guards around the room but they miss the Devaronian. I shoot the guards dead in a moment. I was going for a more diplomatic approach for Gault but I think if I wait any longer, this reunion will become a lot messier. The Chiss hardly glances at their dead carcasses but the female rattataki looks at me with hostility, suspicion and respect.

The Liistot's look at the dead guards with confusion. I smile and walk behind the sister. I cut her throat.
I hold my dripping blade out to the brother. 'Now, Liistot, please give me all the Cyclone you have.' I force him to his knees.


The order was composed and cold. Seems it's the thing he asks most frequently from me. Only unlike then, I won't stop. I'm harder since then.

I glance at the Chiss and raise an eyebrow. 'Going to try and stop me, ch'itkust ebeucot?'

'Are you going to take that from her, agent?' the Ratatakki asks with amusement, feeling a fight brewing. Is there a fight brewing? What the **** is he thinking? I don't have enough room for many thoughts in this sudden, confusing meeting. I doubt he's the same.

'Agent?' I the title with mockery and irony. 'Oh, I see. The Imperials have taken an interest as well. But I'm guessing for very different reasons.'

He looks the part of an Agent. As I glance him over, I see the walk, stance and proud and determined eyes of an Agent. His hair seems to fall away from Imperial regulations or standards. But I like it more like this than the short, almost black mess of hair he had when I first met him. Between following his father or mother, I'm not sure which I preferred. Neither is what I wanted him for. He's no better than what I was now. But he's alive. Isn't that what matters?

'Lower your weapon, Primacy,' he orders in the same low and clam voice.

'Oh, you remember my name. How sweet,' I roll my eye as I sarcastically speak. 'What else do you remember?' I goad on.

'Everything.' The same low voice. It isn't soothing. I want to break his composure. I want to tell him how happy I am he's alive. But I won't. I won't let him know.

'Then you should know that like then, you can't win this, rect'tin'ecot.'

'I've changed.' Same voice only now it has some bitter pride. We don't always change because we want to.

'Good for you,' I harshly retort with vehemence.

'I see you haven't.' I almost feel like there's regret or disappointment in that unyielding exterior. He met a stupid girl that wasn't yet broken. He saw a light when there was none. A girl who had foolish dreams. She died when he left. Her life was too short to comment on or think of.

'Old habits die hard. Especially when its programming.'

'Was that night also programming?' he provokes. I sense a storm of emotions under the pale blue-grey, stony features. What a risk for him was a downright death sentence for me.

'No, I believe it's what common people call 'stupidity'. Feel like being stupid again, ch'eo ch'itiseb ebeucot?' A far too genuine and happy smile pulls my lips. His stoic exterior almost crumbles. But the Rattataki cuts in. And our moment passes.

'This is all very touching but there are cantinas I want to go to, agent, so quickly finish this little reunion.' I glance the Rattataki over again.

Then my eyes turn to him and I sneer at him mockingly. Of course he's moved on. Moved on from our nothing. Haven't you as well? We can't go back to then. I doubt we can even be friends. But if it comes to a fight, I don't know if I could kill him.

'Got yourself a new girl, sculag? She looks like a fighter and more than a little jealous. Your taste hasn't changed then,' I mock. I hate the small pang I feel.

'It has.' A little bit of defence in his returned tranquillity. His red eye doesn't shift from mine. It looks brighter than I remember. But I guess I was the one dimmed them then. Lessening the oxygen in the room is standard procedure for any species that needs it.

'Then why are you staring at me like that?' My sneer changes to a leer.

'She's got a point, agent. You're even blushing. You don't blush for Watcher Two, me, or any other women in cantinas.' The Rattataki seems to enjoy mocking him. A part of me feels defensive of him. I guess it's the small part of me that's still an idiot.

'Silence,' he orders without raising his voice. If I can't hit the spot, it seems the Rattakki can. Her eyes narrow at him but she doesn't speak again.

'Watcher Two? Should I be jealous of her or concerned that you've joined a voyeur gang?' I mock.

'You were many things, Primacy, but funny was never one of them.' I can imagine list of the 'many things' I was. I wonder if he's the only person in the world that would put 'merciful' on it.

'Oh, I don't know, agent. I thought it was a little funny.' I'm caught between hating the Rattataki and liking her. If I had ever imagined us meeting again, she and my hostage would definitely be absent. It seems Gault has already made himself absent.

The Chiss glares at his companion before turning his bright red eye back to me. 'We came for the Cyclone. I don't want to have to kill you to get it.'

'You don't want to because you can't,' I simply reply. I extend my blades anyway. I would be a fool to not be ready.

'You're outnumbered, Leeriah,' he calmly informs. The names stirs memories that aren't of him. 'No one calls me that anymore.' I never thought keeping Damin from my biography to Torian would hurt him. I didn't think I would ever see Damin again and I assumed he was dead: the Organisation doesn't let it prisoners go lightly. I didn't mean to keep the young man I stupidly saved a secret. But I suppose it doesn't matter. Torian is dead.

'Leeriah, now, is it? Are we that familiar again already?' He opens his mouth to reply but closes it when a gun is pressed to his head. The Rattataki is receiving similar treatment from HK.

'Finally, Gault,' I impatiently greet him with. 'What took you so long? I was starting to think you were just going to watch all night,' I scold.

'I had to get the droid, babe. And if I did leave, it would only be because you could handle it,' he defends with devilish grin. What a load of bantha crap. He's here because this can be easily handled.

'Are you saying I can't handle a blue stick and his body guard?' I ask with more indignation than I feel as I ignore both of our two new hostages.

'Hey! It's my turn to be indignant. Your name is Leeriah?' Gault asks incredulously. 'Why does he know your name and all I get is nothing? I mean, we were never even introduced and now it's two and a half years later!'

'Well, somewhere between me pulling a gun and you running away repeatedly, there wasn't much time for introductions.'

'Is this your new partner?' The Chiss breaks in with something close to a sneer. 'If I have a thing for fighters, you have a thing for aliens.' I hold back an indulgent smile. Nice come back, ch'eo ch'itkust ebeucot .

'My husband is human, actually,' I inform him.

'So the rumours you married a Mandalorian are true? Is it also true you ki-'

I clear the distance between us and slap him hard across the face.

'I don't want to kill you but I will,' I say with deep warning.

He spits out blood. 'I touched a sore spot, then, Leeriah?'

Seems I scratched away the stoic agent and revealed a bitter, cynical man that doesn't mind hurting the world with his smooth tongue and doing what needs to be done. It seems he's finally biting me back. But I know that isn't him. I want to believe that isn't him. I didn't save you for this.

'Are you keeping tabs on me, Damin?' I return evasively. 'You always were too sweet.'

'You never told me your name was Damin, agent,' the affronted Rattataki cuts in.

'HK, silence the Rattataki.' The droid swiftly knocks her out and lets her fall to the ground. I think about killing her. But for old time's sake, I won't. 'Restrain Ekayn.' I turn back to Damin as HK follows my orders.

'Why does the Empire want the Cyclone?' I demand. We've avoided business for too long. We got carried away in tense feelings and things from long past that were never really settled.

Damin remains silent. I move closer to him and stand on my tip toes so I can whisper in his left ear. 'I liked you, Damin. So don't make me hurt you again.' I kiss his cheek as I move away. I've never kissed him before. I don't know what made me do it now. The tactic would be light years from unknown to an agent.

'So talk,' I order.

'The rebels are in alliance with the Republic and we have information that they are to receive and use a shipment of this drug called Cyclone that has been circulating the underground. I am to take a sample back to our contact who will analyse it. From there, we will hopefully be able to find the perpetrators and put them out of business.'

The brief isn't given with the desperate haste a man who wants to save their life with hurried words and pleading. It's calm and cold.

'Interesting,' I absently comment when his succinct report is done. I think. No one talks.

'I want you to take one vile to your contact,' I order as I come to a decision. 'The rest is to be destroyed. This is the third seller I've hit this week. There are another two that I'm yet to visit within a long speeder ride. I want your contact to analyse it and by the time he's done, the other two dealers will be gone. Then I want the results. You are not to let the Empire receive it. Also, since it correlates with your plans, find and kill those responsible for it.' I pause. 'Am I clear, Damin?'

'Transparently,' he calmly replies with a heavy Imperial accent.

'Good.' I turn around to face Ekayn.

'But I won't do it.'

I turn back around but I look to Gault. He won't hit Damin like how I want him to. So I walk up to Damin and return to previous tactics. I cup his burnt cheek in my hand and stare into his eyes.

'You remember the favour I did you,' I hiss. 'Now return it.'


I slap him again, harder, my metal knuckles breaking his skin further. I punch his gut. He refuses to double over. He has gotten stronger.

'I paid a price because of that. Do you know what they do to you?' I angrily shout.

'You showed me,' he spits with pride and blood.

'I was an amateur then. They were better. It was another year until that changed,' I acrimoniously reply with clenched fists and a tight, straight back. 'My price helped things along.'

'Glad to hear you made the top,' he cynically congratulates. 'And that I was of such an assistance to you in the end.'

I violently knee his stomach.

'Will you do it?'


'Then you leave me no choice.' I squeeze his neck till his body falls limp. I turn my attention to the dealer.

'Now where is the Cyclone?'


Chiss words:
sculag - weak minded.
ch'itkust ebeucot - weak idiot
mon - young
ch'eo - my
rect'tin'ecot - fool
ch'itiseb - sweet

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01.20.2013 , 10:46 PM | #35
3 words.

om nom nom.
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01.21.2013 , 08:55 AM | #36
interesting twist! It's funny how the farther we get into the story, the deeper we go into her past. (I'm also really curious to see if Watcher X makes an appearance, cause I loves him )
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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01.21.2013 , 06:36 PM | #37
Quote: Originally Posted by MilaniGrey View Post
3 words.

om nom nom.

I'm glad you liked it.
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
interesting twist! It's funny how the farther we get into the story, the deeper we go into her past. (I'm also really curious to see if Watcher X makes an appearance, cause I loves him )
If you want Watcher, then I will give you Watcher X. Eventually


A few hours later... (amazing how time flies when you're torturing a drug dealer )

I bend down and slip a tracker under his collar which he will find eventually but not for a few hours. I insert a listening device into his belt which shouldn't be found for at least a few days.

'Do you always carry those, my dear?' Gault asks incredulously as he glances at me from his watch.

'Yes.' Always be prepared.

Gault shifts on his feet. 'Do you have any one me?'

Three and another four on your belongings. Twenty on HK.

I just look at him with a sly smirk. He checks his collar. I chuckle and continue my work. I slip a vile into Damin's pocket with a datapad and kolto patches. I was tempted to heal him myself but... I spent too much time on the Ekayn. And I don't want Gault to see how much I like Damin. We all have reputations to protect.

The three of us leave nine bodies behind. Two are alive.

'What did the datapad say, my dear?' Gault asks as me in a low voice under HK's complaints of leaving some organics alive.

'"See you in hell",' I calmly reply. Gault looks at me with a curious search and then looks away with a chuckle. I grunt and walk faster, trying to leave him far behind.

He matches my stride perfectly.

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01.22.2013 , 05:23 AM | #38

I rub my neck; the bumpy skin is taunt around the new swelling. I slowly assess my damage. Nothing permanent. I look over my body and see everything as I left it. I sit up slowly and look around the room. Kaliyo is slowly waking. The room is in a disarray. I don't need to search the burning junk to know it's all gone.

I sit up and patch the scratches on my cheek. They won't scar this time. I don't know how to process this meeting. She spared me again. I was... pleased to see her amongst the shock and... It doesn't matter. She got what she wanted as always. She won't contact me again. This meeting will only be a footnote in my report and of interest to no one but me.

I stand up and begin to walk out, Kaliyo slowly following.

We walk to the taxi pad and get in a waiting taxi.

'Shadow town,' I direct.

Kaliyo attempts to ask me questions but I only evade them seamlessly.

When we get out, I reach into my pocket to throw the driver credits. All I find is a datapad, kolto patches and a vile that I am quick and smooth to hide from Kaliyo. I reach into my other pockets and find nothing. I'm not surprised or angry she took my credits. I'm more than a little amused.

'Your shout, Kailiyo,' I quietly order as I walk away.

I slip into a narrow path and pull out the datapad, unconsciously controlling my heart rate and breathing and suppressing the shaking of my hands, the trembling of my frown. I read the short message.

'I'm feeling stupid, Damin. Are you?'

A holo frequency follows. I laugh to myself and grin. It sounds a little strange as it echoes back to me. Is that how your laughter sounds? I had forgotten what my real laugh sounds like. I've long forgotten who Damin is.

As I walk to Watcher X alone, I come to a decision.

Yes, Leeriah, I'm feeling very stupid.

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01.22.2013 , 09:50 AM | #39
New character...interesting!
aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?
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01.23.2013 , 09:08 PM | #40
Quote: Originally Posted by iamthehoyden View Post
New character...interesting!
I hope so. Damin's going to appear quite a bit though there probably won't be any more perspectives. Doing it like that just saved a flash back or mentioning later.
She does kind of need more people since she did kill half her crew....


An hour since the last Leer post.... (fifteen minutes before Damin's)

Gault places our drinks on the table and eases into the booth next to me. He moves his arm around the back of the booth behind me, his drink in his other hand. He's careful not to touch me. If this didn't keep any unwanted attention away, I would probably threaten Gault and push him away. But I'm tired. So very, very tired. And it's going to be a long night.

'So are you going to tell me about your blue friend?' Gault asks eventually.

My eyes wander to his profile before returning to the dancers across the room. My top lip curls in disgust and I let my eyes slide on to less revolting things.

'I'm not sure if he's still a friend,' I correct eventually. 'I think he hasn't forgiven me for then. Understandable, I suppose. Not like I've forgiven anyone that did something like that against me.'

'You have an interesting idea of answering questions, my dear. Unless that was a deliberate evasion.' I return to studying Gault and notice his eyes aren't watching the dancers but scanning across the room and frequently returning to a few men in the booth across the room from us. They seem to be watching him just as much.

'He was someone from my very early days with the Organisation,' I blandly begin. There's no point not telling Gault anything. No point in telling him anything either. It's easier this way though. 'Some might have called him an "honoured long term guest" and I was to show him "our finest hospitality,"' I sardonically quote.

'He was meant to stay indefinitely because his father was a Moff and mother an Imperial Agent. He provided leverage as a hostage and information a trusted son. That's all,' I end with an anticlimactic shrug. Telling Gault specifics would still feel like a betrayal and make me a traitor. Because you aren't already, I silently mock myself. A sick sentiment to be left with after these years.

'I seriously doubt that is all, babe,' Gault returns without his eyes moving from the men.

'Yeah, well, it was all a long time ago. We've both changed.' I can't smother the bitterness in my voice as I think of his stoic expression and calm words. I would be a fool to think he was happy to see me. I wasn't lying when I told him I was feeling stupid. I'd be a fool to hope he is too.

'I have a feeling he still likes you, my dear.'

'Oh? Between our hostilities, slapping him and chocking him, what part gave you that impression?' I mockingly ask after listing the contrary evidence.

'Only someone that likes you stays around when you treat them like that. You didn't kill him,' he smoothly points out, eyes never darting to mine. If anything, they look as far away from me as they can. 'You still like him, don't you?'

I grunt and shake my head, averting my eyes from Gault who averts his from mine. He sees too much sometimes. But despite the aura of slime that covers Gault, people seem to like him, believe him and be manipulated by him. I suppose he somehow has people skills. This bizarre knowledge I can't comprehend leads me to ask a stupid question.

'Do you think I handled that poorly?'

'Do you mean your interaction with the man at the bar that you punched while getting our last round or do you mean your meeting with the blast-from-the-past blue-boy who you choked and left unconscious instead of drinking him into a comatose state like others?' Gault asks with mock sincerity and confusion.

'I'm guessing that is a 'yes' on the blue-boy front.' I look over to the bar and see the bartender glaring at me. 'And he deserved it. He used that line 'I can give you a bigger gun to play with.' I've been told that line since I first handled a gun fifteen years ago. He should be glad he didn't get worse,' I spit bitterly.

'Charming.' Gault eyes the spit that slides down the opposite booth wall with disgust and when his eyes return to the men, the disgust only gets worse. But he continues in a laughingly serious voice. 'You mean like that guy in the other cantina across the promenade we're now banned from because you tore the guys fingers off with your own hands? Or do you mean worse like that time on Hutta when you bit a man's tongue off and then made him swallow it?'

'He shouldn't of shoved it in my mouth if he didn't it want it bitten off,' I easily reply with a leer.

Gault pauses for a moment and grimaces. In the pause before he continues with the next item on a long list I imagine the retort 'remind me of that if I ever try to kiss you again'.

'Or my own personal favourite and I believe Torian's as well, when you almost ripped a guys balls off before beating him to a whining, bleeding pulp and shooting him after he soils himself? Is that what you mean by worse?'

I clench my fists and move a little further away from Gault. I don't want to think of that night. I don't want to think of Taris. I still day dream of going back and blowing up what remains of the entire planet. Spending all my credits on explosives. But that wouldn't achieve anything. And knowing the Republic, they'd probably try to colonise the floating chunks that remained.

'But on the subject of blue boy.... I can't say, my dear. It was you're call and you made the one you thought best. I've always been a fan of the old 'how are you? It's great to see you!' and a drink and handshake personally but I don't think I've ever seen you shake anyone's hand, not even for a deal.'

Mando'ad cross wrists. The immediate correction is unwanted. I grunt in reply and move a little closer to Gault again. If you shake hands, it's a deal you can't go back on. I can't promise my payers that I won't kill them. Only that I'll deliver someone's head.

'Of course, this all depends on whether or not you both slept together,' Gault continues. 'At which point the slapping makes a lot more sense,' Gault comments with a wry smile.

'It doesn't matter. Leave it be, Gault,' I warn. We didn't sleep together. Guests aren't allowed to sleep.

I put my hand on Gault's knee and dig my nails in a little. Just to make the message clear.

'Fine, fine, fine,' he hurriedly assures. He moves his hand to mine and flattens it out. I let him. He withdraws his after a small amount of pressure but I don't take away mine. I don't know why. I don't even think of it as something that is abnormal or needs to be changed. I just don't notice or care.

'Back to business then,' he continues. 'When do we strike the next two dealers?' Gault's eyes have moved from me back to across the room.

'The day after tomorrow. We strike both in a row. Then return to the ship, rest a night. You will have three nights leave. I leave on the fourth day at morning for a job I have been offered on Onderon. Come if you want. I won't wait for you.'

'Still pretending you don't want me around, babe? Don't you get a little tired of it?'

'Did it ever occur to you I don't want you around, Gault?' I unwelcomingly retort, my eyes somehow not managing to climb the distance to his.

'No, my dear.'

I grunt and laugh at the same time. My eyes close and I rest my head more on Gault's arm than the wall. It's comfortable.

'Why did you ask him to analyse Cyclone when you already have?' Gault asks eventually, rousing me from my exhausted dose.

'I wanted to cross check our results,' I return simply. Gault chuckles in that way he does and once again I want to move from his scrutiny of my eyes. I want my lies to turn from transparent to solid and for Gault to believe them even when I can't.

'What were our results?' It's asked with more concern for business than the idle curiosity or satire that marks most of Gault's questions.

'Do you want a list of what it's made of or if it's like mine?'

'Both or just the later.'

'It has strong similarities,' I report. Business is easy. Business is indifference. Only you aren't indifferent this time. 'There is a 44% match. It's missing the components that give you the ability to use it for a longer time as well as it's healing properties. At the same time, there's more of what's damaging to most organic species. Da- the Agent's information,' I quickly and almost easily correct, 'confirmed my suspicions that there was a link to the Republic. The Republic equals the Organisation. They're planning something. I need to know what.'

'Let's clarify why you want this information. Is it because of revenge?'

'Would you believe me if I said I was doing this for the good of the galaxy?' He looks at me with suspicious scepticism. 'No one deserves it. I don't want them to create anything more like me. There's already two too many.'

'Two?' Gault seems to freeze and can't even turn to look at me.

'Me and my good alter ego,' I say with a broad smile. Was that a save?

My datapad bleeps. If I didn't save myself, Damin just saved me. It will be weeks before I realise he only delayed the inevitable.

'He's moving. Direction is towards Shadow Town. I'll be back later tonight. You have the night to be a crime lord. Enjoy your three woman and ethereal discussions,' I comment with a wink and smirk as I climb over him.

And then I'm lost in the crowd.