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Lone Courage (CH 1)

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12.16.2012 , 07:00 PM | #1
The room flashed red. The slow beeping started. It was time.
The young soldier readied himself to make the jump. He stood up, off the bench and made his way to the hatch, which was slowly opening.
"Remember!" The armoured man near the hatch shouted. "Jump. Count to five, then open the 'chute! You got this Renteer!"
Renteer nodded to the man, too nervous to say anything. He could feel his stomach growling in pain, from anxiety. The trip had taken about five hours. Five hours of sitting, not knowing what to expect. But none of that mattered now.
It was time.
Renteer stared straight ahead, the hatch completely opened. The only thing to be seen, were black skies, and shimmering water. He donned his helmet, and took a few steps forward.
"Jump!" The man beside him yelled.
Renteer didn't need to answer him. He jumped.
The rush of the wind felt like a durasteel wall at first, until he positioned himself mid-air, into a spread out laying down position. He was up to the count of four in his head, one more second and he'd pull the chute. He yanked on the red latch connected to his shoulder pad, and the chute flew out immediatly. His body lurched upwards as the impact of the parachute opening slowed him down. He pulled on each side of the rope simultaneously, guiding himself down to the mountainous structure below.
"There's the target zone" He said outloud. He couldn't help but think to himself, "This wasn't so hard. Actually a little peaceful with the chute up"
Renteer smiled inside his helmet, loving the adrenaline of the experience. He was about fifty feet from the target, when he heard the loud snap of a rifle. His head jolted to each side, looking for the shot. In the jump, he had completely forgotten he was in a hot zone. He continued scanning the mountains, looking for a muzzle flash.
He heard the shot again, but this time, it was accompanied by the strange feeling of falling a little faster than before. Renteer looked up, shocked to find that his parachute had a gaping hole right through the middle. He heard more shots, and more holes appeared. He was falling, falling fast now. There was nothing he could do to stop it either. Renteer tried pulling each side of the parachute's cords, trying to steer it. His efforts were in vain, for nothing could stop his fall. He was almost in a free fall now, still thirty feet up from the ground.
His head felt dizzy, and he couldn't hear anything. He tried turning his head, but the force of the wind resistance didn't let him. He was falling faster and faster, the chute now in two pieces, doing nothing to restrain his fall.
The soldier was diving head first straight for the ground.

Renteer saw the ground just before impact. He wondered what would happen to him, he wondered how he was compromised. He thought his parachute matched the color of the sky.
He thought his eyes were closed, but he had blacked out from the impact of the ground. His helmet had crushed his skull.
The soldier lay, on the cool barren rocks of Ord Mantell, surrounded in a pool of his own blood. The enemy snipers converged on his position.....

Bear with me, first fan-fiction, and to be honest, first story I've written.
Semper Paratus