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PvP Relic Question

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12.15.2012 , 12:29 PM | #1
Has anyone figured out if the Ephemeral Mending Relic is better than the +Power one?

The ability is - Equip: Healing an ally has 50% chance to heal an additional 491 over 3 seconds. Can only occur once every 20 seconds.

My guess is this will proc 2.5 times a minute, giving you an additional 1200 HpM or 20 HpS. Is this better than the +120 power?

Other problem - how often will this just result in random over-healing?

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12.15.2012 , 02:13 PM | #2
As a matter of personal preference, I prefer to use 2 Elite War Hero relics rather than a proc relic and/or a clicky relic. I can't think of a situation where healing someone for 491 extra damage would make any impact at all. I'd rather have sustained power so that my heals are consistent and especially since I don't needlessly over heal.

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12.15.2012 , 02:34 PM | #3
That's my thought too. I'm not real good at the math stuff, so maybe a better way to phrase my question is:

How much HpS will 120 power give you?

/edit - now that i think about it a bit this might be better for Smugglers/Operatives because with their HoT's they're throwing out more individual heals and will likely trigger this a lot more often than the other healing classes.

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12.15.2012 , 09:38 PM | #4
Proc healing trinkets are atrocious for all healing classes.

1) Proc itself is not wildly powerful

2) chances are the proc is healing inefficiently (overhealing)

3) Unlike similar dps trinkets it cannot crit (surge and crit don't synergies with it)

Don't use em :l

+power all the way in pvp.
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12.16.2012 , 11:24 AM | #5
Quote: Originally Posted by CaptainApop View Post
1) Proc itself is not wildly powerful

2) chances are the proc is healing inefficiently (overhealing)

3) Unlike similar dps trinkets it cannot crit (surge and crit don't synergies with it).
You forgot the fact that you don't have direct control over who the relic procs on. As such, it's actually possible for it to proc on the healing from one of your CCs (Commando, Sage, and Scoundrel droid CCs all heal their target), completely wasting the proc; at least if it's wasted on an ally, there's a marginal chance they might not have been overhealed by it.

Assuming you're healing consistently (Hammer Shot/Diagnostic Scan healing during downtime as a Commando/Scoundrel; standing in Salvation for Noble Sacrifice spam as a Sage), you should be putting out enough healing to get a proc rate remarkably close to the ICD: it takes an average of 2 heals (keeping in mind that this doesn't just refer to casts, it refers to each instance of green numbers cropping up so Diagnostic Scan and Hammer Shot each represent 3 chances for it to proc), so you should expect something closer to a 21.5 seconds between procs (Salvation on a large group or rolling HoTs on a large number of players will reduce this to ~20 seconds, so, at worst, you can expect something like 1-2 GCDs between the ICD coming up and the proc going off).

Now, from a pure HPS standpoint, the DG proc equates to 505 hp every ~21.5 seconds, for 23.5 hp/sec (and this is assuming it's applied on someone that it would be useful on, not just wasted on overhealing or somesuch). The Power difference between the 2 relics is 73 Power (120 Power from EWH relic, 47 Power from DG proc relic) equates to 12.4 bonus healing. The value of that Bonus Healing varies pretty heavily based upon the coefficients of your individual abilities used and the relevant crit rates: for my Scoundrel (who is in admittedly unoptimized gear that is only Rakata tier), the weakest heal is Diagnostic Scan and that 12.4 Bonus Healing equates to 19 additional healing, with a 58.32% crit rate and 69.32% surge over 1.7 seconds, so that 19 additional healing really equates to 26.7 healing or 15.7 hp/sec. Keep in mind this is with Diagnostic Scan, which is the worst hps ability that Scoundrels get; everything else they use has 3 or more times the healing within a similar time frame, providing *way* more hps.

Based purely off of this info, you can tell that, even if you have absolute optimal use of the proc relic, it's marginally better than what you would get spamming your weakest heal constantly. If you're doing anything more than that (like using any of your other heals), you'll get more out of the passive Power relics than the healing proc relic.

The sad truth about the healing proc relics is that the *only* class/spec that gets appreciable benefit out of them is Shadow/Sin tanks (largely because they only heal themselves and they do it often enough to get a continual and regular benefit out of it). Healers should avoid them like the plague. It would be substantially better if, rather than providing a flat quantity of healing, the proc instead provided a portion of Tech power for 6 seconds after a successful heal so that it couldn't be wasted on a CC or random overhealing. Making sure it procs off of healing would prevent it from being used by DPS and it would actually benefit healers. Barring that, making it a smart heal that chooses a target other than someone currently being healed would be useful, but it still wouldn't make up for the generally badness of the size of the heal for its ICD.
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12.17.2012 , 12:50 PM | #6
Proc healing relics are awful, don't use them.

My sage uses two PvP +120 power relics. You could use one DG clicky power relic for burst healing, but personally I have a rakata adrenal for that.

*Edit: missed the "PvP" in the title. Clearly, rakata adrenal will not help in PvP. Nor would DG clicky.