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What's with the rudeness?

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12.13.2012 , 10:50 PM | #51
I am too lazy to read the whole thread so here is my response to the OP:

I have noticed a lot of vulgar talking and rude remarks, but if anyone asks a question then there is always someone to help out, at least on my server. I haven't noticed anything too dissimilar from normal internet joking, with a few occasional exceptions.

Oh, and OP, for the record Dennis the Menace did NOT try to cause others harm or grief. He was just curious and playful in a way that would accidentally cause others harm.
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12.14.2012 , 02:17 AM | #52
i am only rude to republic scum
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12.14.2012 , 03:50 AM | #53
Hahaha! Rudeness? Oh, man. Rudeness is not the problem.

See, I play League of Legends. You want to see rudeness? They have rudeness. You have to go onto these forums or turn on general chat to get somewhere on the level of the League of Legends community, which is legendary for being one of the worst PC game communities on the Internet. But actually grouping up for PvP or PvE and playing the game with people in SWToR? Nowhere near.

I agree that politeness is a plus - you get more flies with honey than with vinegar (sometimes), but there are times and places where rudeness serves better. My personal trigger is the old "sub or quit but don't complain about F2P" (for freepers) "play or quit but don't complain about balance" (for subbers) "stop defending this game on the forums and play it if you love it so much" (for fans). A lazy man's nonargument that tries to get out of having to consider someone's words on their merits by asserting that they don't get to have an opinion. I see no reason whatsoever to be polite to a person who says that.

As for trolls, LoL actually had a problem when they had gotten really big but before they instituted their Tribunal system, and there just plain weren't enough staff to deal with even 1% of the trolls and griefers, and as a result trolls and griefers ran amok. EABW's customer support is legendarily bad (it was badly understaffed even before layoffs), and as a result there's no real reason to fear punishment because they really, honestly don't have the staff to work out the he said-she said and provide actual disciplinary action.

Rudeness is not the problem. If someone is speaking in good faith and with thought behind their words, the only thing wrong with being rude is that they might be undermining themselves. And... hurting your feelings, I guess?