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Do i need to pay a subscription to actually play the first free month?

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Do i need to pay a subscription to actually play the first free month?

Skeelol's Avatar

12.20.2011 , 05:05 AM | #1

This is very unclear to me. Haven't "bought" new MMOs in quite a while. I bought the standard edition which said i had 1 month of free play time included.

Is it true however that in order to play that free month i need to subscribe once early access ends? (the 22th apparently because of an extended 2 days grace period).

Seems rather silly to me.

Also how does the recurring sub work? I usually played with game cards but apparently the ones for this game won't reach my country til march 2012 or so. Can i just pay monthly? I don't like the idea of automated payment.

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12.20.2011 , 05:06 AM | #2
You do not need to pay the sub until those 30 days are over, but you need to have a payment method attached to have your 30 days activated. You can take the method off after.

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12.20.2011 , 05:07 AM | #3
No, you have to register your payment details so that once your free 30 days expire, your rolling subscription activates. No money will be taken until your free 30 days runs out.

With regards to paying monthly, you can do so by subscribing to the rolling plan, waiting for the money to be taken for that month, then cancelling your subscription. You will be able to play for the time you have paid for, and then resubscribe when your time runs out.
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12.20.2011 , 05:08 AM | #4
Very well, but what about the sub being automated afterwards? Can i just cancel it after 1 month?

Don't get me wrong but i just don't like the sound of "automated".

Edit: Ah okay, thanks for clearing that up.

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12.20.2011 , 05:10 AM | #5
You can cancel it anytime you like in your sccount.

I usually do this with MMOs, pay a month - cancel sub - play the month out- then sub and cancel again.