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Huttball Tie Break = Lame

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Huttball Tie Break = Lame

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12.10.2012 , 09:03 PM | #31
it would really be funny if they did a vstar thing with it and made the tie breaker kills.
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12.10.2012 , 09:08 PM | #32
They should just make it a tie and not count as win or loss.
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12.10.2012 , 09:23 PM | #33
Quote: Originally Posted by DroidDreamer View Post
Winning Huttball by possession is among the most thrilling experiences the game has to offer. So I disagree.
Very true.

Huttball tie breakers makes the most sense. Granted, I would like the ball pickup to be less about CC spam/low ping clicking.

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12.10.2012 , 09:31 PM | #34
Quote: Originally Posted by Invictusthetaru View Post
I agree that it doesn't need to be changed, but you don't need to be so mean man. Not liking an arguably dumb mechanic is fair, he has his right to an opinion, and by no means does it make him bad to complain about it.

It's not like he said, I DON'T LIKE BEING SAP CAPPED ON A NODE CHANGE SAP CAPS. That's just someone being an idiot.

This isn't a L2P issue, it's just his opinion.
Not really seeing how he's being mean. He's not insulting the guy or using foul language. I agree with him on the point that total possession is a bad idea, though his example is pretty terrible. Who would turtle the ball if you're already winning by 2 points lol?

The way the tiebreaker is set up is perfect. Everyone knows what it is and everyone knows you can only hold the ball for 2 mins before getting instant gibbed by the TORGODs. There is no luck involved or some preplanned magical strategy to win huttballs abusing the tiebreaker.

Total possession is bad because nobody knows for sure how long each side has held it. This would make teams stack more defensively with more healers than normal. Bleh.

Deathmatch is dumb because stealth will hide, and in order to prevent that they'd have to add a bunch of coding to stop it. Also, the current tiebreaker is essentially already a deathmatch where both teams are fighting around the ball carrier.

Overtime I dislike because I don't wish to stay in the same game longer than I have to. I'd rather just get into another WZ. Plus there's also the problem that overtime DOES NOT guarantee a tie break. Both teams could still be tied after overtime. Then what? Extend the game further? Team death match? Why go through all this trouble when last possession is perfect.