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Returning after a few months - Impressions

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Returning after a few months - Impressions

TristinWinter's Avatar

12.08.2012 , 08:00 PM | #1
I will start by admitting that I've always been a fan of SW - lore. I never got to try the galaxies series, so TOR being released was sort of a mixed blessing. I was part of the big wave to come, and definitely part of the big wave to go. The latter was due to lack of proper company planning:

My issues in the past?

- no end game, not even in the form of mildly interesting dailies.
- no pve group finding button.
- average, to bad community (despite what most people might thing, it's a sad fact of the past GW 2 and The secret world had much better launch communities than us ).
- PvP, PvP, PvP - Three times stated, because it could've been TOR's strongest card. Even for us RPers. The warzones and the 3D fighting system , especially hutball, was amazingly conceived. Star Wars (the WARS bit in the title making it obvious) has a very wealthy lore when it comes to Jedi vs Sith, Bounty hunters vs Smugglers. It could've been a RP Fiesta !
What it really was though, was the flooding of of our RP server by the usual professional PvP guilds that, even though do not RP, claim to choose RP servers for a 'more mature community'. In other words : 'A place where they won't meet much opposition from other professional pvpers, and where they can faceroll casual RPers in warzones, so that they can pat each other on their virtual back and feel good about themselves'. WoW suffered from the same thing, so did AoC, The secret world and most MMOs - GW 2 excluded, by seperating gear from pvp ! I can safely say, for those pug folk who look for a better pvp experience? Try GW 2. You won't feel disappointed

-- Fast forward to a few months later. Aka, now! --

Like I said, being a huge SW fan I decided to try the game once more; what with a few months gone by, and with the game having gone F2P, I wanted to see how things may have changed !

- End game! I haven't tried it myself; but I've heard from others, that there is an end game atm? More dailies, a daily zone, even a proper raid? I decided to start fresh, to re-enjoy the game so as to surprise myself with what's to come. Can anyone confirm an improvement in end game?
- There's a PVE group finder option ! There's instances that I'd never even tried, even though I had 4 50s, and I am rather enjoying them now; the looting system is bad still, it allows for people to roll on all sort of things they can't even use (save for de-moding), thus the SWTOR maintains the Oriental flare of good old Ninjaing; still, to be able to find a group on the fly? BIG PVE plus.
- Community seems to have improved a lot; no surprise there, same thing happened to WAR online. When the lolers came and left when the next big thing launched, those that remained decided to make the game a better game; special thanks to the Lost Praxeum for both alerting me to things as they've changed and given me good rp when I had noone else to play with !
- PvP, PvP, PvP. I wasn't surprised to find out that this hasn't changed a lot; or perhaps it has, for the worse. Even though a lot of pvpers (the better ones in my experience) left for GW 2, where they can fight other people in a non-gear related environment, a considerable number of 'professional' pvpers, and pvp-focused guilds remained to continue with spending insane amount of credits so as to preserve their special elite pvp club! (See above :P ). Thankfully, one's not out of options. One can always queue for PVE ! And that makes a major difference !

Conclusion :

I think the game's had a nice redo on the pve side, at least on the pre-50 level. It really needed it.And it's nice to see a lot of RP guilds regroup, regrow and try to put things back together. It's a shame for pvp being so terribly 'occupied' by groups of professional pvpers on both sides but one can't have it all. And with the game becoming more and more reach, I think I could just ignore PvP altogether and focus on all the other things TOR and TOR RP has to offer !

I think I'll be recommending to my friends to give TOR another go; especially the rpers, and pvers. I think the Force is once more strong with the game !

Any advice, or anything else that's changed in the last half a year or so, please fill in the gaps for me. I would love to read your thoughts

-Alma-'s Avatar

12.10.2012 , 07:12 PM | #2
Pretty much the same experience Im having since I came back to the game after a 6-7 month break.

Pervejbirk's Avatar

12.11.2012 , 04:18 AM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by -Alma- View Post
Pretty much the same experience Im having since I came back to the game after a 6-7 month break.
I agree.

BosnianSith's Avatar

08.14.2017 , 02:14 AM | #4
I understand you and i agree almost at everything, but mate i can't stop playing this game, so idk why. I LIKE it a lot. End game content is the biggest problem. May the force be with you
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