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Your Companion Dream-Team

Bird_of_Thunder's Avatar

12.08.2012 , 06:11 PM | #1
title says it all.

For Warrior: Ashara, Xalek, Broonmark, Pierce, and Quinn

For BH: Mako, Andronikos, Torian, Akaavi, and Blizz

For Trooper: Jorgan, Dorne, Sgt. Rusk, Lt. Iresso, and Sgt. Yuun

Finally for Smuggler: Corso, Gault, Vette, Risha, and Zenith
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AhsokaTanorules's Avatar

12.08.2012 , 06:35 PM | #2
Here is who I would swap:

Doc > Smuggler, Zenith > Trooper, T701 > Consular, Iresso > Agent, Akaavi > SW, Bowdaar > BH, Guss > Consular, Aric > JK, Elara > Agent, Yuun > Consular, Vette > BH, D Jaesa > Inquisitor, Khem Val > SW, Xalek > SW, Adronikos > BH, Ashara > JK, Talos > Consular, Mako > Agent, Torian > Agent, Gault > Smuggler, Blizz > Agent, Kaliyo > BH, Vector > JK

bright_ephemera's Avatar

12.08.2012 , 06:50 PM | #3
It was noted in the fanfic forum recently that the five most popular companions to write about form a full-featured (ranged tank, melee tank, ranged DPS, melee DPS, healer) team. Those would be Vector, Lord Scourge, Jorgan, Corso, and Quinn.

Nothing could possibly go wrong with this team. The Sith Lord, the LS Imperial, the jerk Imperial, the Republic Soldier, and the Nice Guy (TM)? Nothing can go wrong at all.
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Mawduce's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 12:25 AM | #4
Warrior: Mako, Vette, Jaesa, Kira, Pierce, Vector

Mako because she can hack and heal
Vette because she has underworld contacts and is sexy
Jaesa Because she is crazy as **** and has the power to read minds/strong in the darkside and is very loyal
Kira because she was a child of the emperor, thus is strong in the force but not strong enough to overthrow her masters
Pierce because he is Imperial Black Ops with connections and good team.
Vector because not only is he a good diplomat with connections throughout the upper empire, he has the hive behind him (that means an army)
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AelixVII's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 05:39 AM | #5
On my Agent: Vector, Quinn, Torian, Jorgan, Blizz

Yes, I have unashamedly picked most of the pretty boys

YeIIow's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 09:46 AM | #6
for my sith warrior i would love to have this companions:

-Vette(my fav companion: sexy; funny; loves treasure hunting)
-Quinn(expert tactician; healer and in general a guy with usefull information and resources/allies)
-Jaesa( damm sexy, strongt with the force and a loyal aprentice)
-Khen Val(epic warrior with great history) a must have on my sith warrior!!!! i would trade him for Broonmark.

-and either Xalek(powefull warrior; looks badas) or Pierce( so we get more non-force sensitive humans in the team)

and well, since we are talkign about imposible things we would love to have... i definetly would change my Fury Class Starship for the X-70B Phantom any time, at any price.... best looking interior and exterior ever.... nothing to do with the ugly full of red lights Sith ship, i think they should have designed the sith ship to be something inbetwen the jedi knight and the imperial agent one, at least in the interior..... same goes for most of the sith gear, duno why the developers insist on making them look freaking UGLYYY!!!!!

Chaloss's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 10:36 AM | #7
My SI: Keep Khem, Ashara and Talos. Then take Pierce and Gault. That should make well rounded group with pretty much everything covered. Can replace Pierce with Quinn I guess.

Warrior: Quinn, DS Jaesa, Kaliyo, Xalek and Pierce. Military oriented, HM to Khem Val.

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12.09.2012 , 12:18 PM | #8
No love for HK-51?
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Chaloss's Avatar

12.09.2012 , 12:34 PM | #9
Quote: Originally Posted by SnoggyMack View Post
No love for HK-51?
I consider him as treat to Kotor fans rather than full ledged companion. Albeit if he counts then replace the ship robot with him :P

_biddan_'s Avatar

12.09.2012 , 01:01 PM | #10
light sided warrior with:
vette,pierce,LS jaesa,mako,blizz

bounty hunter with:

smuggler with:

knight with:

his current companions+blizz

dark sided knight with:
DS jaesa,scourge,khem val,xalek,broonmark
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