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Yes ANOTHER gripe at premades in warzones

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Yes ANOTHER gripe at premades in warzones

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12.08.2012 , 11:42 AM | #11
I completely agree that there should be a 4-man RWZ option.

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12.08.2012 , 11:44 AM | #12
Rofl @ "I hope you people at Bioware / EA are listening to us, with Elder Scrolls: Online coming next year and Titan round the corner"
It's not gw2 and pandaria anymore? Have those gone out of vogue?
There's always something that's "comming next and it will kill the game" isn't? I meant this is actually a thing on the Interwebs.. xD sorry i'm new to this stuff.
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12.08.2012 , 12:19 PM | #13
So because you can't make friends you want us with friends to not play with them? This is pretty much what you are asking. Everything the pre-made group of 4 can do, you can also do. How does that old chestnut of a saying go? Oh yeah..."htfu buttercup", or was it, "if you can't beat them, join them". Take your pick.

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12.08.2012 , 12:26 PM | #14
I agree with the OP on the view that this game could really be great. Right now even matches are very rare and moreso than in other mmos I have played. I either have sure wins or sure losses most of the time (except when ranked actually pops and a real team is there).

We need more even matches for both casuals and decent hardcores. We need this fast.

Huttball is awesome, and having all 8 classes I really like the class design for pvp (for the most part). With some incentive for world pvp and with some kind of matchmaking system (or split q with x server) then instanced pvp could be greatly improved.

I also think 4man ranked is a good idea. What they could do even is just make it so that if you q up as a 4man then you get to see other 4mans q'd up (gear/class comp) and then you could talk to them and maybe make an 8man so that you could have some choice in your 8man if you want it. Without x server they need to do something with ranked.

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12.08.2012 , 03:59 PM | #15
As a player who had no experience in MMOs before swtor, I was able to rapidly build up a friends list of people that wanted to group with me long before I joined a guild. Then my guild left for Gw2 and I did the same all over again. I refuse to believe that if you /2 lfg pvp you will not find a few other lonely players to join and have fun learning each other's playstyles. You still might not win, but it should be more fun. If losing frustrates you that much, you are not really casual imo

The whole whining about premades thing is dumb. There are nearly as many bad premades as good premades out there. I q'ed with a friend the other night, each of us did more individual dmg than the entire four man premade. Needless to say we lost.

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12.08.2012 , 04:17 PM | #16
4 man warzone? Really what map are you going to do? Voidstar with a 4 man guarding sounds boring as hell most of the maps are to big to make that work I mean think for moment. As for the premades vs solo for crying out loud post in the other thread we have like 3 or 4 of these you are not all special snowflakes you can post your gripes/suggestion over there the same people that come on this one will come on that one and tell you the same things.
For myself if I pug and it seems like it is a rough patch I quit and walk away before I get angry. Ironically I do the same thing when I am with a casual premade that is losing, go figure.
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12.08.2012 , 10:02 PM | #17
Quote: Originally Posted by Rousso View Post
I know there are already one million threads on this issue (or feature, if you're a biowarebot) but I have to get this off my chest. Bioware, your pvp system is HORRIBLE. I've spent 3 hours this morning (trying to cap my comms to stand a chance for 1.6) losing. Not just losing, but being literally roflstomped and then forced to sit it out just for the points (I get more for defense medals than I do head-butting my way through concrete) - which gives me plenty of time to sit there and wonder why I'm playing this game AND paying for it.

Question 1: Why don't you just join a pre-made?
I play this game casually, I like to jump on play for an hour or two and then carry on with my life. I've asked to join pvp guilds, but ones who accept casual players are VERY hard to find and usually don't just let anyone join, they need to make sure you're good. I'm fully aware that unless I get involved in pvp this way then I'm sacrificing things like rated warzones and the best rewards (this game doesn't have many yet, though) but I'm happy to just stick to normal pvp - I want this to be MY choice.

Question 2: Do you think ALL pre-mades like going against PUGs?
Absolutely not, in fact I feel pretty sorry for some of you. If you sat in the rated queues you'll probably get a match every couple of hours so I don't blame you doing unranked - but do you REALLY have to join every unranked with a group of 4, can't you just random it like everyone else for a bit of fun? I'm sure your pvp skills aren't exactly getting honed at the moment.

Question 3: Should we really care about casual players? Isn't that what pve is for?
You should absolutely care about casual players, our 8.99/month is just as good as yours and unless you're willing to foot the bill for all the casuals who leave then our voice is just as important as yours.

Question 4: Isn't this game awesome and people want to play?
Not really, it definitely has its redeeming qualities for me otherwise I wouldn't be playing but it's technically flawed. Look I'm all for buying into your own brand but sitting there with your fingers in your ears regurgitating the mantra of "everything's fine, people want to play, everything's fine people want to play" isn't a realistic end game. Your game is in trouble, I can tell by the (small) number of people playing on the "heavy" server you people need to pull your finger out.

Look, at the moment your game feels like it's in debt recovery mode. The cartel shop looks like a money sink so you can re-balance your shareholders' books, then when that's done (or as close as they're willing to accept) you'll look at re-investing resources back into your game, or shut it down. Until then you're just going to leak already developed content (stuff beta no doubt) and back slowly away from the time bomb.

To make this a little bit constructive, here's what you can do to immediately improve the game:

1. Make it a 4-man group requirement for ranked instead of 8 - two 4 man pre-made groups against two 4 man pre-made groups, there're already quite a lot of these roaming around in unranked now, so the queues will be better.
2. Make the pvp weekly a repeatable, not just a weekly which gives a better incentive of winning.
3. Put a limit on group size for unrated to two people, maybe even go so far as to share the rewards if you enter as a two-man, this will mix it up a lot more and stop us casuals.

I hope you people at Bioware / EA are listening to us, with Elder Scrolls: Online coming next year and Titan round the corner you really haven't got the luxury of time if you do have any intentions of making this game a long-term thing. I do admit I've rage-quitted my subscription a few times but I've never missed a month since release because I actually believe this game could be something brilliant, if only you'd listen to the people who actually play the game.
I agree with your post however you left out one more thing which would make pvp more sub friendly such as a cross server que. this whole premade complaint has been going on about 1 month after release. BW really couldnt care less because i really doubt the devs that are responsible for pvp even play the game. I love the pvp of this game but patch 1.4 has made pvping horrific to say the least. I will give this game 1 more year or so and if it does not improve ill likely take my money and play another game. to be honest the only reason ive stuck it out this far is because this is a star wars game and i like the KOTOR lore.
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12.08.2012 , 10:24 PM | #18
Quote: Originally Posted by hunterthesloth View Post
i always go pug and i roflstomp premades all the time, why, bacause i PRACTISE! I try and get better if you combined my total amount of warzones played it would equal (just an estimate across all my characters) almost 2500. You have to look back after each warzone and look at how to improve. Im not trying to get harsh but if you communicate with your group you can beat any premade!
Then you are lucky. Most of the people just ignore the chat.

Example: "All go right, stealthers left!"
Expectation: Non-stealthy classes will go right, stealthers/some of the stealthers will go left.
Reality: Two warriors are going right, two warriors are going left where one will 100% break the cc.

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12.09.2012 , 02:13 AM | #19
4-man ranked warzones would be way cool.
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12.09.2012 , 02:23 AM | #20
This has to be the 12th topic on the same subject in the last 3 days fkn lol.