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Idea to Make Crafting/Crew skills. contribute to a better player Market

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Idea to Make Crafting/Crew skills. contribute to a better player Market

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12.06.2012 , 04:31 PM | #1
Anyway. ive been around since day 1 of beta. and. when i started playing i thought everything about the game was amazing., and sending your companions to do missions... that just sounds awesome. and they even craft for you. that was the coolest idea ever, after a couple months. leveled a couple 50s. finished a couple crew skills to 400 and such. crafted some stuff.tried selling stuff. and one big thing is... the market is really really choppy .the good items we can craft are REALY expensive the mats and resources are a pain in the butt to get, They need to make it easier to get resources. they need to make items that players can REALLY use and that are not over a million credits. cause its hard to afford anything good. i mean 1 armor mod for my level 50 is over a million credits. thats rediculous. thats just a small example. they need to make speeders not as expensive to craft. , they should add decorating, player apartments to our home citys. coruscant , or corellia would be a great neutral planet for housing. all they would have to do is add another place to shuttle too. and have the housing instanced like our ships... now ive heard about them making the guild space stations a while back but who knows whats going on with that. anyway, little stuff like that sucks a huge part of the player base in. some people just play to decorate stuff , craft. and the other things we could do. I just like this game so much and i would hate to see it die , it has a great potential for amazing end game content and player content .......

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