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Companion Customization Kits Unlockeable

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Companion Customization Kits Unlockeable

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12.05.2012 , 07:58 PM | #1
The actual system is pointless becausee to change between the different "outfits" you need around 7-9 free slots in your bags for each companion. For that reason or nobody changes the style of his companions or not very often because probably the customization kits are in his cargo hold or directly nobody buys customization kits. ( See Bioware your own metrics in this field ).

The customization kits should be unlockeable. In the same way that the vehicles or the vanity pets are unlockable. There were dark times when you overflowed your own bags with 20 mounts and 20 pets only to have a very personal own look.

I make two conceptual images about how the UI should present the unlockeable customization kits:

The first type is like the "Title" drop-down menu. The second one is a drop-down menu in the customization tab of your companion.

- Encourage players to customize more often his companions.
- Improve the diversity in the game
- Encourage completist player to collect kits
- Encourage people to install secury keys to get the customizations from the vendor.
- Improve the economy , people will want buy the customization kits from vendors, and speacially the "Infected kits" from Rakghoul event (announced a few weeks that this event will pop up in the future again ) and Warlord Kephess drop.
- Reward the CE customers, because there are already customization kits in their vendor, so they have something exclusive and desirable by the community.
- It is not difficult to implement

Expanded Ideas:
- Legacy Wide Unlocks: ship droids (leaked by data mining that there are customization kits for 2V-R8 and C2-N2 already) , HK-51 or alters with the same class.
- Customization kits in the Cartel Shop.
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