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*SPOILERS* Which class/race/alignment combinations work best?

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*SPOILERS* Which class/race/alignment combinations work best?

spookysage's Avatar

12.19.2012 , 04:07 PM | #21
Chiss Agents work wonderfully - non-humans have more fun, figuratively speaking. Haven't got much of a preference for anything else, though I am pretty fond of my male, body type 4, Rattataki sorcerer. He's light side though and it's like pulling teeth, don't make my mistakes.

I wasn't thinking when I went Shadow, though; suddenly I had a Zabrak with a double-bladed lightsaber, looking at my life, looking at my choices. I tried an electrostaff but I've played too many rogues to give up a backstab in any form. I'll soldier on with my Light side female body type 1 and green color crystals.

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12.19.2012 , 06:42 PM | #22
Sith Warrior
race: Sith Pureblood; coming probably from the noble family, high social status and visible facial origins

gender: Male; romance options favour a Master and student relationship, also a spark in form of Vette might be an interesting plot if killing your romance interests would be possible, after all she is much more of a light side and her presence probably weakens the Warrior if he is dedicated to the Sith Code ( Malgus all over again )

body build: Tall and muscular, Sith warriors ( Massassi caste ) used to be bigger than those of other castes and considering that Pureblood is a hybrid then there is a possibility that his intellect potential is bigger than that of original warriors so that fits his grim witty jokes

alignment: Dark Side, if warrior has a lot of Sith features and inherited a lot of their genes then probably his call to the Dark Side is strong and blood of conqueror boils in him

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12.21.2012 , 02:35 AM | #23
I'm currently playing a Lightside Chiss Sith Warrior, and its actually working very well. The Chiss are all about staying in control of your emotions, and have very clear rules of engagement. My Sith never kills those who have surrendered to him, and to Barras's constant annoyance, hands out chances to surrender at every opportunity.

My Warrior is a logical individual, but you sometimes see his darker emotions slipping through what is usually very tight control. He did undergo Sith training after all, and that changes a person.

Malkavier's Avatar

12.21.2012 , 11:49 AM | #24
My characters:

LS Human Smuggler, male, Fast ships, fast credits, and pazzak. Does a smuggler truly need anything more?
DS Cyborg Marauder, male, married Vette, merciless Emperor's Wrath, dares any to oppose his will.
DS Zabrak Inquisitor, male, celibate, only cares about grasping more power. Thinks releasing the Dread Masters was wonderful.
LS Rattataki Powertech, male, will marry Mako, loves fast credits and hates sneaks and people who don't finish the job.
LS Chiss Operative, female, in love with Watcher 2 (best story combination in the game, IMHO, alternatively Sniper)
LS Chiss Sniper, female, celibate, Kaliyo and her love shaking things up.
DS Human Juggernaut, male, detests weaklings, considers Baras a pathetic manipulator.
LS Miraluka Guardian, female, celibate, impatient with obvious criminals and strongly dislikes Hutts.
L50 Annhi Marauder L50 Madness Sorc L17 Gunslinger L23 Pyro Tech L35 Medic OP L17 Marks Sniper L50 Lethality Sniper

"Your fear angers me. My anger feeds my hate. My hate gives me strength."

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12.21.2012 , 02:14 PM | #25
Let's see, I've only played SI (to Ch 3) and IA (Ch 1) and I've watched my boyfriend play SW (to Ch3) and he and I agreed on the following:

SW: Dark Side pure blood male Sith. It makes perfect sense since pure bloods are well respected and very likely to be aristocracy.

SI: Dark Side anything but Twilek or pure blood because your ancestors are very unlikely to be Twileks and pure bloods are very unlikely to be slaves. Male and female both work since the romance options are both kinda meh. If you play male and want Ashara you should be more LS than DS and the opposite is true for females and Andronikos.

IA: Mildly LS female Chiss. For one the female voice is amazing for agents and matches Chiss wonderfully and two: Agents don't like Sith, who are usually DS. Being LS makes you seem caring but sprinkle in some DS for effectiveness.

SithKoriandr's Avatar

12.21.2012 , 07:26 PM | #26
I have yet to go fully DS or LS on any character. No complete DS because to do so, has one come off as a complete psycho.

SI to me need to be played as an alien race (so no human or pureblood). Not Twilek and likely not like my Chiss, as I was left going "o.O There's an ancient Chiss Sith?" But the leeku of the Twilek ruin them for the story imo.

I played mine as LS with DS choices. In the end around (roughly) 5000 LS and 2500 DS. The storyline imo just moves to have the SI not so bloodthirsty and not so ready to betray allies (like just give away your cult). You were a Slave! I think you want freedom. And I think you're just more likely to want to keep those you call allies alive.

Not sure I'd say one gender over the other on this one.

SW is human/cyborg or pureblood. Basically races the Empire won't look on in disgust.

IA so far has left me thinking more along the lines of Chiss or Human/Cyborg.

BH seems to work well as any race really. Less likely with Pureblood and possibly Chiss as it tends to have a greed feel to it imo.

JK feels like it could be any race so far. A little more centered on male characters versus females.

JC the same with any race so far, but more female personality type. Much like JK the roles seem very stereotypical.

Havent checked out Trooper or Smuggler yet to decide.

AggiePunbot's Avatar

12.22.2012 , 10:05 AM | #27
Light sided Miraluka male or light sided human female. My theory is that if a smuggler can use their force-sensitivity to sense their surroundings, they may be more able to feel the truth behind what is in those suspicious-looking packages. Corso is impressed.

Imperial Agent:
Light sided Miraluka male and female. I like this combo simply for the lore-breaking status of it. Have not reached the romance stage yet so I cannot comment on that.

Bounty Hunter:
Neutral Mirialan female. No one expects a grouchy Mirialan, which gives her the perfect opportunity to blast her way into a lot of credits. See above for comments about romance.

Jedi Knight:
Lightsided female. Race depends entirely on just how forbidden and sneaky you want your romance to be. With a human, you'll have to be extra sneaky to hide a potential future pregnancy, whereas with another race it'll be much easier since you'll be adopting a family if you choose to have one.

Jedi Consular
Light sided male Miraluka. Humans are too cliche (in my opinion) and the voice just seems to fit better. No romance, but is certainly not adverse to a bit of flirting.

ellesjames's Avatar

08.21.2014 , 09:26 PM | #28
Sith Inquisitor

Any slave race works, I think, works for this one. From what i've seen from books, reading wookiepedia, and the clone wars cartoon there are hybrids with the alien human like races. Chiss, and Sith Purebloods require a bit of extreme RP rationalization to work. Possible but requires a lot of RP backstory for it to work. Something like Chiss renegade/criminal, or Sith Pureblood with no force sensitivity for a while because of some ritual Tulak Hord did or something. Examples of mixed race star wars characters are Asaji Ventress Zabrak-Human hybrid species called Dathomirian. The thing with Star wars seems to be they are racist and ostracize and frequently give a new race name to hybrids. Although doctors seem to be able to help with the producing of babies with incompatible species so it has to be fairly common and accepted in some places. Although human/Twi-leks seem to have much shorter lekku which you can't control in the game. Also Twi-lek's and many more are naturally compatible with humans. So there's probably a lot of twi-lek slave girls with pregnant human etc... children.

Still I could see one of Aloysius Kallig's children after being made slaves having a Twi-Lek, etc... hybrid child and that's the reason they stayed slaves over time after Tulak Hord's death. Makes sense. One child marries a Twi-lek. Hybrid does too. After that the family looks pure Twi-lek. After all HK says in the game a HUGE majority of the empire population, and as an aside many Republic citizens too, have some sith pureblood ancestry in there genome.

Sith Warrior
Not many. Human. Sith Pureblood. Zabrak maybe/possibly since they seem to be the most tolerated and accepted alien species since they are warriors as a rule and the sub-species aligned with the empire has no republic ties. Same with Chiss I suppose. A Chiss character could be adopted or half Chiss. Although that requires a dedicated RP'r

Imperial Agent
Chiss works best for this. Human works. Pure blood Sith works since some are non force sensitive. More than they'd like you to believe from what i've seen actually. Zabrak is a stretch to say the least, but possible, if an effort to RP. The rest of the races don't make too much sense.

Bounty Hunter
Zabrak, Human, non force sensitive Pureblood Sith all work best. Chiss too. That requires a bit of thought. But on Hoth it showed the Acendency sent Sith to Hutt space etc.. to study this sector of space. Not a huge jump to see a Chiss deciding to be a bounty hunter to study and report back. Any other race works I suppose. Mandalorans and that region of space respects strength after all. And if you pay attention there's a lot of alien's in the game as non slaves. Canon explains this as Revan's infiuence on the emperor. Revan implanting thoughts and suggestions about the Republic winning without all the man power the Empire can muster.

Not too familiar with the republic side.

Jedi Knight and Consular could really be anything. The Jedi are really excepting. REALLY accepting. From looking at Wookiepedia and reading random expanded universe books, even before this game, there have been a dozen or so Sith Pureblood Jedi who have been turned or trained since babies or something. For the Consular though without RP'ing one of the more force sensitive races helps. Human, Miraluka or Mirialan all work best.

Trooper. Anything works really barring the sith only races. Some Twi-leks can be pretty big and strong after all. Requires a bit of RP'ing but anything can work barring races not trusted by the republic.

Smuggler. I'd say truly anything you'd want to RP can work. Remembering the character has a reputation as a bit of a fast talking charismatic type. That makes the more brutish races more of a stretch since they have to be charismatic yet normal looking enough to be ignored. I do agree Twi-Lek fits perfectly with this class myself though.

For me and my personal characters that i've started.
SI: Human, Twi-lek
SW: Sith Pureblood
IA: Chiss
BH: Rattataki
JK: Mirialan
JC: Miraluka
Smuggler: Twi-lek, Human
Trooper: Cathar

Also hinted SPOILERS.

A few classes in the game hint at force sensitivity in the dialogue that they want to keep secret. You're crew as well as the player character himself. I won't say which ones. But it's there if you've played. So that should help with some RPing for Empire and Republic non Jedi classes.

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08.22.2014 , 07:59 PM | #29
Quinn is tons of fun. My female Cyborg SW said that he would be punished in private. *wink wink*

I recall reading some of the comics that took place before the Sith Empire met the Republic, and many of the slaves were Pureblood. So, because Tulak Hord and Kallig were so far before the game, it is possible that the SI could be Pureblood, who's family had been slaves for so long they forgot how to use the Force. Or never learned enough skills to use the Force well beyond being lucky at finding things or gambling, until the SI came about and was in the family a prodigy with so little training.

And I kept hoping to rub my PB status into Ffon's face, but nope.

Either alignment would work from what I know of the story. And I chose female because that pirate has a sexy voice.

My male human trooper, well, I never selected to romance Elara because he outranks her, which is against the rules. So I use in-my-head rp-incident about a certain Jaxo's death leading to a wild night he doesn't remember other than he woke up with an Imperial ID and a wedding ring. With a hot lady in his bed who's issuing orders to our favorite Twi'lek and Jaesa. SIS is not amused, which makes him rally more on Elara's side as a friend.

So I rolled a female trooper. Gonna see what happens there. Both were LS, but not full-blown Captain America mode like Fourex.

SW, well, my first was a female and then I met Quinn. And his voice. And then she harassed him until he gave in and then.. Well, see my first lines. Even though she's LS, but not to the point of Jedi. She in my opinion is a manipulating *****, choosing LS to keep her enemies off balance. And on Balmorra, she erased the boy's memory and gave him the name of his father because then the Republic would wonder at what was really going on, and what he told her.

Agent: Humans are everywhere, but I'm having fun with a Chiss agent. Rolled a Pureblood for kicks, but got bored. While any alignment works, I felt that agents are best played when trying to do the best (in your point of view) for the Empire.

BH: Well, if you're not a Mandalorian fan, then have fun with the chirpy cyborg girl who is way too nice for the business. Even my LS Mando fan BH wanted to slap Mako a couple times when they were broke on a stolen ship.

JK: well, haven't played all the way through. Have two, male and female, and both are heading DS because of grief from losing their master to a Sith. And then the Sith tried to take over their apprentice. Male isn't romancing companion, because she was your apprentice/Padawan. A bit creepy. And I haven't played my female to meet her romance option.

JC- have two females, both a bit neutral. One I rp as an Imperial Defector fleeing from her Sith mother, so she's shown more DS side options with enjoying a good fight, and then after CH 1, she falls into a depression of DS choices. The other I just rolled. Neither are complete.

Smuggler: Male. I have a female romancing Corso, but after a while, I want her to scream that she is a Zabrak, not some fragile human made of glass. My male is Cathar, but not really liking Risha. Don't care that she's supposed to be his Leia, it's not happening. My smugglers are smart, not morons who don't know what a Padawan is.

Sizes, I don't really have a preference, but Lyraine (main BH) is a BT 3, and it was fun hearing "not much to look at" and "champion's body mass ratio suggests otherwise" on the Mand'alor's ship was fun. With my BT 1, it seemed odd.

Afrokidryder's Avatar

08.23.2014 , 02:44 AM | #30
My personal favorite combos.

The Wrath~ Male Pureblood DS, Twi'lek LS for more compatibility with Ls Jaesa and Vette.

SI ~ Flesh of my Flesh is sooo Zabrak to me, make or female can go either way with alignment. To me, the Wrath's story is just....there's no other story where evil is almost mandatory and ABSOLUTELY satisfying, inquisitor light had it's moments but I didn't like either of the romances for male or female.

My agent is male pureblood, because I love that look and that accent male wise, but I can also see a human female.

Bounty Hunter~ Male Pureblood tho lol that bounty hunter voice just doesn't look right any other way to me.

Jedi knight~ I was very disappointed with the voice and correlation to purebloods both my knight and wizard are twi females.

Smuggler~ my favorite captain is a human male and let me tell you...I love that guy, love that crew and ALMOST llove the story more than the Wrath's, because when I played my twilek alt smuggler and SHE finally caught Skavik lmao....Oh captain my captain...

Trooper~ Cathar, Cathar cathar. FIRST my in your face, whatever let's blow something up, take THAT Jourgan macho man cat is an ******e, but my sweet dutiful kitty girl is the opposite.

But purebloods are the best, I love them