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*SPOILERS* Which class/race/alignment combinations work best?

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*SPOILERS* Which class/race/alignment combinations work best?

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12.08.2012 , 12:16 PM | #11
ElyonRand, Like I said, play any way you want. You can make up your own backstory for any race in any class, and if Twi'lek works for you as an SI, by all means, go for it. My goal certainly isn't to bash your character.

Jedi Consular
Saferai, I like how you worked AC and body type into your choices, too. I agree that sage makes more sense than shadow for the consular story line - every time I broke out my non-existent healing powers in a cutscene, I cringed. And yeah, while I went Mirialan instead of Miraluka, my body type 1 female is the perfect older sister for Nadia. Plus side of being a shadow: She can wear all my hand-me-down clothes, like any other little sister.

Imperial Agent
It sounds like you play your agent the same way I did, too - body type male 2 alien, very pragmatic, always doing the best for the Empire. I ended up with a couple thousand light side points altogether, although I wiped them out and reached dark V with diplomacy. I'm drawn to Kaliyo since we're both Rattataki, and something about Temple grates on my agent a bit. Too straight-laced, maybe? I do what needs to be done to support the Empire, sometimes using some brutality that she doesn't seem to match well with but Kaliyo does.

Sith Warrior
My Sith Warrior is still level 1 because I'm going to put a little bit of a spin on it - body type 3 human, probably romancing Jaesa, but a female seeking an SGR. Obviously I can't actually play that yet to see if it works, but I have plenty of other alts to play, so I don't mind keeping her as a backbencher until SGRs launch. I think the Sith Warrior storyline in general is one that can support female body type 3 - the amazonian build seems to work so well here.

Sith Inquisitor
In the same way body type 3 seems like a good match for the warrior in either gender, body type 1 seems like a good match for the former slave. This is my only male body type 1, and I knew I made the right decision when Khem started calling me "little sith" because I am a little Sith. I have my own backstory involving a Sith pureblood taking advantage of a beautiful slave on a backwater planet where, after he was born, he was afforded no special station because no one on this backwards planet knew what his red coloring meant anyway, at least until the local administrator arrived and realized what he was.

Bounty Hunter
I think male Rattataki , body type 3 or 4, would be a good choice. This is one place where body type 1 will never work for a male - the voice is just going to make it seem like you're taking hormone replacements or something to be that small with that voice. I went with a mostly light side Pyrotech shield tech, which does a couple things - it makes Mako a more realistic romance option and it makes Blizz your own little mini-me. I didn't make it anywhere close to light V - there are too many times taking the dark side option makes way more sense - but I did get barely over the line for light IV.

My trooper is only level 20, so I can't offer much here. A body type 3 Zabrak seems to be a good pick. I'm going to shoot for neutral alignment on this one, which seems to be working well so far. I consider myself the front-line guy who does what it takes to support the Republic, including the things that are necessary but might be frowned upon. It's my job to do what needs to be done to support the ideals of the Republic overall, even if I have to sell my own soul and violate them from time to time.

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12.08.2012 , 08:40 PM | #12
Just couldn't get into body type 4 tweilek for my smuggler on the first planet today, rerolled it at the end to body type 2. 4 isnt rolly polly enough to hit the right level of humor sadly.

Working oin finishing Inquistor #2 i thinks its best to start off leaning light and slowly succumb to the Darkside. Killing acolytes so early on felt off for a freshly initiated slave who's lived under the heels of the Sith and the Empire their whole life, although a little revenge against your now fellow Sith and the aforementioned Empire seems like believable early Darkside choices. As you get deeper and deeper into the mysteries and traditions of the Sith it seems by the end of act 1 with your masters betrayal you should be mostly dark for the rest of the acts.

In the same vein I've rethought my knight as well, i think starting off pure light but taking the occasional dark choice as the story progresses feels pretty natural, the stakes get really high in this story and doing what it takes to see things through at the expense of the code feels right later on.

Gonna be awhile before I get into my trooper or BH sadly, but i think I'm still set on Rattataki BT4 Pragmatic Male BH and Cyborg BT3 Mostly Lightside Male Trooper after looking into the options abit more.

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12.08.2012 , 11:51 PM | #13
I'm playing a mostly Lightside Sith Sorc.

He is the only character that i'm playing as 'me' so he does what ever he wants/thinks is right which tends to be mostly light side (is it me or do alot of the Empire darkside choices seem insane and illogical) he does occasionally do some darkside options (if i remember correctly Nar S he did alot of force lightning on people).

I think human or any of the other non pureblood species fit the Inq story, i tried playing a pureblood but it seemed weird that a species with such 'power' would become a slave (yes i know it happens in lore, it just seemed off to me).

I have started playing a Darkside Warrior, but i ended up with a fair few lightside points because i find it hard to be mean to vette lol.
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12.09.2012 , 01:48 AM | #14
I believe The Sith inquisitor is A Zabrak mostly because when you go to get Kallig's countenance The sith lord you kill calls you a Zabrak slave if you are a zabby and he just calls you a Alien slave if you are any other alien race. And i honestly think sith pure blood makes no sense.

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12.09.2012 , 11:46 AM | #15
For my trooper I went light side male cyborg, smuggler I went light side male Twi'lek, Agent I went light side male Chiss, and my warrior that I am leveling now I chose dark side male Chiss. Reason I did that is because I wanted him to be my agent's father who he later ran away from because of his hatred for him for he had no force-sensitivity.
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12.09.2012 , 11:53 AM | #16
I have two characters I've put a lot of work and effort into.

1- Trooper. Mirialan. Combat Medic. Body Type 1. Light Side choices all the way so far. Romancing Elara.

This guy's my main character. I chose body type 1, for a couple of reasons. The first was the "aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper" jokes were too easy to pass up on. The second was every single MMO I play I choose a tank type character of a small race, be it a halfling warrior in EQ, a Gnome warrior in WoW, or a halfling fighter in DDO. It's just what I do. So I was carrying on tradition. Until I flipped at level 10 and went with a healing character, combat medic commando.

Anyways, Mirialan seemed to work great for me as a pure light side character. The meditation racial animation and all. And he really seemed like the perfect guy to fit that storyline. He didn't get along with Jorgan at first. He also didn't like Garza too much, in the beginning. But was so taken aback by what Havoc Squad did, that he stuck with administration. Then he meets Elara and the whole thing clicks into place for him, with rules, regulations, and finding his path through the storyline.

These days he's almost done act 3, and he's closing in on being my first level 50. And yes, he's a little short for a stormtrooper.

2- Sith Inquisitor. Pureblood. Assassin. Body Type 1 as well. Started off lightside, but turned to complete darkside at level 10, when he chose the assassin role.

I made a bunch of alts of various bodytypes and classes before trying to play my first Sith Inquisitor. I chose body type 1, for primarily the reason many others did. It fit the idea of a slave much better than the other body types. It really clicks when Khem calls him "little sith."

I realize pureblood sith doesn't exactly fit as "slave." But I've been playing it like his family was reduced to this recently and his path at the academy was his chance to redeem his family and end the punishment of their ruined status. It's why at first he's making light side choices. He's trying to be noble and rise above the darkness.

Then he gets a double bladed saber, becomes an assassin and starts on the path of the darkside rather fervently. I'm at a point now in act 1 where I feel like every choice I make is either to terrorize someone or kill them. The amount of "(attack)" choices I've made have stacked up. And I realize it fits. I'm an assassin, duh.
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12.09.2012 , 09:07 PM | #17
warrior = male cyborg. simply cause practically every well known warrior is a male cyborg. also darkside (but not reckless let me kill everything because i can darkside like jaesa)
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12.17.2012 , 12:09 AM | #18
Just another update to this awesome topic.
Bounty Hunter
Pragmatic Rattataki Male Powertech, Bodytype 4.

This one is working out great, Rattataki culture makes for a perfect backdrop to the BHs attitude. Ptech works much better with blaster pistols and the BHs tendancy to get up close and personal in cutscenes and has great synergy with the body type 4 brawler motif here. Finding the romance with mako a little less than natural at the start, too many of my choices irk her, maybe it'll grow on me or maybe she can just stay my techie and I'll spend my hard earned credits impressing space strippers, who knows.

Light leaning Cyborg Male Commando, Bodytype 3.

Maybe it's because I'm a huge sucker for the Goverenator, but this just feels so right lol. Trooper cannons + Commando works really well imo, I would never run up and melee someone with my Gatling gun -_- Havent gotten past the 3rd planet yet so cant really comment on romances yet. I'm not sure a life of duty to the republic would leave him time for romance =x

Light Leaning Twielek Male Gunslinger, Bodytype 1-2.

Maybe it was zannah's Description of her twielek lover in one of the bane books that makes old rabbit ears feel like the dashing scoundrel but so far this seems to have hit the mark for me as well, BT 4 just wasnt funny enough and the galaxy just didnt feel like it needed yet another human protagonist. Went GS because I went Sniper on my agent only to find out there is a pretty dumb imbalance between the 2 "mirror" ACs regarding a hybrid spec that makes GS better by the tune of a couple % =/ pretty unhappy about this one, if i had to do it over again knowing my hand would have been forced I would have made my agent an operative.

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12.17.2012 , 03:13 AM | #19
Jedi Knight: Male or female human, 98% Light Side choices. I kind of feel like the writers were thinking more about male than female characters, if one judges by the quality of romance options.

Smuggler: I'm really enjoying my Twi'lek female so far. Light Side with mercenary tendencies. And Corso is adorable.

Imperial Agent: Chiss, male or female. The storyline works really well with either. My femme agent found the romance option a little strange, though. You can go light or dark but I felt that my neutral "choices that most benefit the Empire" worked out really well.

Sith Warrior: Male Pureblood or Human. Light, dark, or neutral. WARNING: DO NOT CREATE A FEMALE SITH WARRIOR unless you have no interest in a companion romance. Anyone who suggests Quinn as "fun" is lying to you. As a female, you're basically left with no romance option. Class story is somewhat interesting for the lore.
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12.17.2012 , 01:45 PM | #20
Consular: Female, Sage though I can't comment much about race; they all seem fitting. I tried playing my first one as a DS Shadow and she came off as bat **** crazy, so LS feels a lot more natural.

Smuggler: I get the impression that this one was supposed to he male. Especially if it were based of Han Solo, but my female Twi'lek seems to fit the roll really well. She's lightside for the mos part with a few practical dark side options thrown in. A smuggler should be at least a little street savvy.

Imperial Agent: Chiss female for me, though this one seems like gender doesn't really matter, but really an agent should feel vague! She's pretty even with DS/LS options and stared off very pro-empire. Although that changed the further I got in the story.

Sith Inquisitor: My favourite toon. A human assassin. She's body type 1 since I wanted to play a little blond girl who can shoot lightning out of her fingers Inthink most of the races with he exception of a pureblood would work nicely here though. Oddly enough she's more light side than any of my other toons (figured that as a timer slave she might have a soft spot for the beat down masses), but isn't above shocking/offing people she doesn't like. Really liked the romance option for the SI too. It felt less forced an more like a natural progression.

Sith Warrior: My only male toon. I made him a Pure blood. He's BT 2 because "if I'm looking at an *** for hours on end it might as well be a nice one." Honestly I made him for the sole purpose of romancing Vette xD. He's played neutral, with a strong sense of honor and "warriors pride."