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Swtor ideas for ep7((spoilers for Agent and Belsavis))

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Swtor ideas for ep7((spoilers for Agent and Belsavis))

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12.04.2012 , 03:10 PM | #1
Probably will never happen but I thought this might be interesting if they actually decided to take material from SWtor and put it in Episode 7 or beyond. Basically ideas for main villains.

World Razer - Both the main Republic storyline for Belsavis as well as the bonus Imperial one seems to suggest Belsavis is the origin world for the Death Star, particularly due to the imprisoned being known as the World Razer ((a Star wars Galactus pretty much)). Perhaps when the Imperials obtain the intelligence they need during the bonus mission they and their Geonosian allies find way to harness the World razer's power. After the destruction of the Death Star in the movie trilogy, the World Razer is released and after years of dormancy recharges its power and is at large once more.

Rakata - While most rakata died out during the fall of the Infinite Empire, some of them had the foresight to flee the galaxy itself and go into hiding far beyond where they slowly nursed their strength and pwoer back. After all this millenia, a new and terrible Rakata Empire returns to once again take over their old home and enslave the lesser races once more. Hey, if Disney does not use the Vong or Ssi-ruvi there's this.

Mentor - Like Omnius from Dune or Sigma in Megaman X series or Skynet in Terminator, the evil AI from Directive 7 found a way to lay low and become dormant after its supposed destruction on Zadd. After all this millenia it finds a way to reenter crucial computer systems and begin anew another droid movement. Cue emotional scenes for C3PO and R2D2 and Tron references lol.

Star Cabal - Never completely wiped out after Agent mission. Again this secretive order decided to lay low over the years. They never gave up on their goal however to eliminate all force users from the galaxy. They manipulated events that would make Darth Bane declare Rule of two thus weakening Sith power base. They also manipulate events causing the fall of the Republic and rise of Galactic Empire which nearly wipes out the Jedi. Around the time that return of the Jedi ends, the only force users left are Luke and a few inexperienced ones. The Star Cabal feels the time is right to finally make thier move.

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12.05.2012 , 06:32 AM | #2
4000 years kinda means things will change.

And they're only going to use official canon; not stuff like the Vong...
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