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login service unavailable.....again

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login service unavailable.....again
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MietekFog's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:19 PM | #41
I will no ask i'm a subscriber and i cannot play the game that i pay for are you insane start working on this problem or i want mine money back and i will not pay for a time that this game not working.

Underro's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:22 PM | #42
My bad,
Checked the thread once more, and all of u with conection problem have Orange. So it's probably ISP fault. Stop blaming BW support service 4 every problem u have. My advice? Bother Orange support line until they find a couse. They are probably to lazy to check everything ( bet half of them dnt know pathping cmd:P ).
Go on Huzars, storm Orange Call Center .

VeteranQ's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:24 PM | #43
Guys try to Reboot your PC and Router.
worked for me.

Consinous's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:25 PM | #44
It's no orange fault cuz it's only a problem with this specific game. Every other game/internet service works fine.

Szopu's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:26 PM | #45
It's not rebooting. I didn't do any of that and it let's my in now.

Avellon's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:26 PM | #46
Computer rebooted hundred of times, router also. flushed dns couple of times, and entered windows in safe mode. nothing helped.

Consinous's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:26 PM | #47
Quote: Originally Posted by VeteranQ View Post
Guys try to Reboot your PC and Router.
worked for me.
I've been doing that for 2 hours now first thing everybody does is that

Amasuke's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:28 PM | #48
I doubt Orange is at fault here, cause I can easily play other internet games and surf the web without any problems. I only hope that BW is already working on finding the source of this problem and fixing it.
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TupacMakaveli's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:28 PM | #49
We not blame anyone (except MietekFog) we just want it to start working. And i wan't call to Orange cause i know they will do nothing about that as they always do

cezaryciupis's Avatar

12.05.2012 , 02:29 PM | #50
Guys, my launcher has been updated and it work now.