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Hyperventilating over Early Access? Here's how to deal with it.

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Hyperventilating over Early Access? Here's how to deal with it.

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12.13.2011 , 12:37 PM | #1
Right now, there are people online playing The Old Republic. How does that make you feel? Do you feel happy for them? Indifferent? Anxious to play? Those are all normal responses.

But what if you're mad? What if you're spitting with rage? What if you're foaming at the mouth, fingernails sharpened into deadly points as you smash at your keyboard, directing threat after threat at Bioware for neglecting to show you special preference?

Don't worry. I'm here to help. Below is how you may find the clarity and peace that lives in us all.

1. Take a deep breath. Remove your fingers from the keyboard. Today is the first day of Early Access. Only those who pre-ordered as soon as pre-ordering was available will be getting in today.

2. This is the first of two bonus Early Access days. You are going to get in earlier than you otherwise would have. This is Bioware being nice. They are not taunting or teasing you on purpose. Pretend that you are in line to enter a theme park. You are toward the middle of the line. Suddenly, the line starts moving faster. This is a GOOD thing. Do not dwell on the fact that the people at the front of the line are now going to be in the park sooner. Instead, focus on your own good fortune.

3. Early access itself is a gift. Without Early Access, you would have to wait until the 20th - an entire week away. Not to mention the server queues and instability that a mass launch like that would bring with it.

4. Perhaps you really care about the game. You are a massive fan. You are such a staunch supporter of Bioware and their game that you think it is a massive oversight that they have not selected you for the earliest possible Early Access entry. Let me remind you that as of today, no MMORPG has factored individual fan anticipation into whether or not they are granted early access (or beta access) to the game. There is one exception - members of the press and operators of fansites, podcasts, etc. If you're looking for special treatment for TOR's future expansions or any future MMO launch, become a member of the gaming press!

5. If you are canceling your pre-order because you're so anxious to play that you cannot stomach the thought of spending a day or two waiting for access while so many others get to play - you are only inconveniencing yourself. You will be coming back if you care this much about the game. You may wish to restrain yourself so that you do not impulsively cancel your pre-order.

6. Now that you have found the calm within you, hold onto it. Cherish it. The Jedi say that anger clouds the mind and leads to stupid mistakes. The Sith say that anger should be harnessed and used in batttle - but if there's no battle to be fought, your mind will drown in rage, rendering you useless.
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