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Mdps lf ec hm +

Tarurelm's Avatar

12.03.2012 , 10:18 AM | #1
Name: Tarurelm
Class: Guardian DPS Vigilance. I know my class/spec very well.

I'm in a great guild but, as a whole, we are not ready for the harder stuff. I am lookin to join a group to knock out EC HM/NiM and TFB with. I am in optimized (61) gear and have (63) main-hand. I know the fights well except TfB last boss. I got vent mumble and TS3 and I am avaliable Weekdays 7:30 pm PST and weekends durring the day vary but 7:30pm pst as well.

I have completed EC SM too many times to count but have only had the opportunty to do HM once. I am skilled and a quick learner! PST me in game or send me a mail. thanks!
@ The Harbinger The Relm Legacy
-DPS- Vig Guard/ Veng Jug Täru/Ciare-
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