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Crazy bug. Lost all CE items and mounts

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Crazy bug. Lost all CE items and mounts

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12.02.2012 , 05:34 PM | #1
I was in a space mission doing dailies. Guilie invited me to WZ group and queued us. It pops mid mission and i enter. When i get in the WZ, i have no action bars. Bottom one is invisible and the others are non existent as if im F2P. I alt f4 to relog and when i log in, all my abilities are off my bars. No biggie. However, i then notice 11 items in mailbox. Inside are all my CE items, refer a friend mounts and titles from everything including PTS titles. The mounts are no longer in my vehicle list but it seems i will be able to re "learn" them. Titles however, are intact and on my character. Im a completionist so i just want to make sure everything is intact and to let BW know of this weird anomaly.

Also, the mail messages all state 4 min ago as shown in these Screenshots.