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Alt+tab crash

Cornelius's Avatar

12.02.2012 , 02:57 PM | #1
After being away from the game for several months, I recently returned. Today, in fact. Unfortunately, the game seems to have developed an EXTREMELY annoying bug. If I ALT+TAB out of the game my monitor (Vizio 27" flat screen TV) turns blue and begins showing the message "Not Support!"

My first thought was "Damn you, nVidia (nVidia GTX 560 Ti EVGA)!!!" When I could no longer load Windows (7, 64 Bit) except when in Safe Mode, I said yep, nVidia be damned!

I went to the local best buy and was greeted with a wall of ONLY nVidias, so I said what the hell, and grabbed an nVidia GTX 660 Ti EVGA. Loaded it up. Tested some games. Beautiful. Perfection. I log onto SWTOR run out of those new coin fun moneys, and say.... I needs me some more of themz! I alt+tab and..... CRASH! All I see is my blue screen and it begins showing the message "Not Support!" I can now only enjoy Windows in Safe Mode again. So I commence to calling nVidia, cleaning my files, and redownloading a custom install, un-checking HD Audio and checking Perform Clean Install. And brother... everything is a boomin, Other complex games run like butter. I ALT+TAB with no problem. It's ******ery at its finest. I say thins not to brag on nVidia... I find them rude and their workmanship merely passable... I say this becauseif the problem goes away my steps may help others and if after everything the problem persists, well then Lucy... you got some splainin' to do!