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Looking for pure Lightning build.

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Looking for pure Lightning build.

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12.12.2012 , 09:15 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Washingtoon View Post
You will be a liability to your team if you bring a full lightning build into PvP. Whenever I see someone throw thundering blast in PvP I just laugh and kill them in seconds. Full lightning in PvP is as bad as the worst commando/merc specs. So yeah....don't do that. Use either madness, which I wouldnt recommend unless you are on a good premade, or a madness/lightning hybrid for dps in PvP. That hybrid should include the bubble stun, bubble boost and electric bindings. It will give you enough survivability to make up for the damage you lose out on by not being a pure spec.

As for PvE, full lightning with the extra points going into base stats. Personally I'm not a fan of full lightning in PvE either, probably because I've never taken the time to get it down the way I would have wanted. It is the spec that theoretically puts out the most damage but if you miss a proc or don't have your rotation down it will quickly drop. Hence, I find full madness or even a hybrid to be better for PvE too, especially when it comes to solo PvE.
Meh. With backlash, lightning isn't the death sentence it used to be. It's not good, but you can get by.

Note about polarity shift--it's a must now, not for the alacrity boost, but for the interrupt immunity. There are so few of these in the 50 bracket that people get confused when the interrupt doesn't work.

However, you should be aware that pure lighting is, by far, the weakest DPS sorc spec you can take into a warzone.

I've used this when I was grinding out a second WH relic, and it was about as good as lightning's going to be.

I'd call the points in disintigration and lightning spire optional. Could otherwise go into seeping darkness and conduction.