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Looking for a more active Casual Republic+Empire Guild

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Looking for a more active Casual Republic+Empire Guild

Lorica's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 12:59 PM | #1
Hello Guild Leaders,

I am looking for a large casual guild to join and I have experience in all roles. As for PvP, my main experience is in LOTRO [Rank 11 (out of 15) Warg Stalker - 1/3 to Rank 12)] with one PvP session in SWTOR. Unfortunately, my current SWTOR guild is my LOTRO guild and they are more active in LOTRO than I am. Hence, the reason why I am shopping for a new guild. Since I belong to a basically inactive guild, level 50 development is slow and PvP is painful especially if it is PUG without a VoIP client. I currently use Teamspeak and Mumble, but I guess I can always install Vent again (lol). A casual kin is what I will best fit into. In other words, they will not expect me to have the best gear nor all of the time in the world to be online 24/7/365.

Current Toon Status -


Lorica Falco (HK'd) - 50 - Jedi Consular - Sage, Artifice - 400 (Currently working on Blackhole Gear)
Lorican Falco - 43 - Trooper - Commando, Cybernetics - 400
Leutharius Falco - 42 - Jedi Knight - Sentinel, Armortech - 300+
Lorena Falco - 42 - Jedi Consular - Shadow, Synthweaving - 300+
Loraina Falco - 40 - Smuggler - Gunslinger, Armstech - 300+
Nostariel Falco - 18 - Jedi Knight - Guardian, Biochem


Loalth Falco - 14 - Sith Inquisitor-Assassin, Artifice
Sagittarri - 28 - Bounty Hunter Mercenary, Armstech
Berrere - 12 - Imperial Agent-Sniper, Cybernetics
L'vixis - 12 - Sith Warrior-Juggernaut
+2 Slots available

Until Sabers Cross!


CC'd to Guild Recruitment - unfortunately post can not be deleted.

rkwtai's Avatar

11.30.2012 , 04:38 PM | #2
Hi please check out Knights of Havoc we are a causal guild with both republic and imperial members. We have active members throughout the day that are friendly and willing to help.

Please check out our website down below or ping me in game @Bigfeet.
Knights of Havoc