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WZ Selection

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11.29.2012 , 10:31 PM | #1
I honestly think that Bioware needs to implement some kind of WZ selection. Similar to the FP selection process. However, I would be content with them allowing you to select one or two WZs that you just dont want to do. I say this because I am sick of playing huttball all the time, it seems like out of 10 matches I play 6 of them are huttball, and huttball just isnt fun to me anymore. So if I was able to just deselect this WZ, I believe I would enjoy WZs that much more. I know I could always just leave the WZ, but in all honesty, I dont like screwing over my team because I dislike the WZ, I think that this idea would benefit many, as I know a lot of people who dont like Voidstar and Civil War as well... Just a thought.

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11.29.2012 , 10:42 PM | #2
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11.29.2012 , 10:46 PM | #3
The queues would slow down a little, but I'm more than willing to accept that if I can play only the warzones I like.
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11.29.2012 , 11:17 PM | #4
As someone who is starting to always leave ACW queues /signed

Terrible war zone that is not worth my time.