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Electronic Cash - Possible Fix.

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Electronic Cash - Possible Fix.

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11.28.2012 , 10:51 PM | #1
After hours .. almost days of trying to get a subscribtion using the SWTOR payment website i failed everytime after clicking on "continue" when i used Electronic Cash (EC) option.. the website did just reload and nothing else....

Tried it of course with different browsers and even with 2 different Operating Systems...
Aftzer a while i tried to buy "Gametimecards" via ORIGIN / EA ... i faled there too because it said: "Payment Authorisation has failed"

Now then i had enough of this online crap and headed to my gameshop to by a card in real... wheni asked my gameshop guy what it could be that i cant even buy on ORIGIN, he told me that i NEED to give ORIGIN a copy of my my ID-Card/ Passport ? ( Personalausweiss ) ....makes sense...

Making an SWTOR account is also a EA / Origin account.. MAYBE thats the reason why soem peopel cant pay / buy a subscribtion via ELV on SWTOR site.. its Origin.. and Origin wants your Passport...( verfiying your age )...

So please if you have problem you can try what i said and report back here .. maybe it helps =)

PS. sorry for possible grammar failures or / and typos.. english is not my native language and i also just woke up :O