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WTB Republic Guild for HM KP Run

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WTB Republic Guild for HM KP Run

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11.28.2012 , 06:46 PM | #1
Yes the title sounds a bit stupid and I will prolly get flamed for this, but I figured it was worth a shot...

Myself and a fellow imperial guildmate rolled characters on the republic side with the intention of trying to get a few rakata mainhands for the color crystals... Over the last few weeks it seems the only groups going into KP at the moment only kill the first 2 bosses for the BH Comms from the weekly, which I can't really blame people for really with how old that content is...

So basically, we are looking to find a republic guild that would be willing to run a full clear KP HM with us and let us take the mainhands, in exchange for credits to your guild bank. Or if there is something other than credits an interested guild would want we can talk about that too. The rest of the gear doesnt really matter to us.

My character (Jean'grey) is a Sage healer and my guildmate (Graccen) is a shadow tank, both in mostly rakata grade gear shipped over via legacy.

If there's a guild out there that might be interested in something like this, please get with me either here or in-game, Jean'grey on the republic side, or any of the characters in my signature on the empire side.
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